To put things simply, the better the artwork and design the better your name tags will appear. The following is a brief explanation of the various types of art files and their differences. So whether you are having name tags, business cards or brochures printed these type files are what you will be dealing with.

Art files are one of two types;

  • Vector Designs – This is the preferred type file for printing. A vector file is graphics file where all the elements of the design, including text, artwork, backgrounds etc are all individual elements. This allows for easy editing of the design as well as color correcting for printing. Simply put, a vector design is a bunch of individual elements that can be separated. Vector designs tend to be cleaner and clearer than bitmap designs. Vector files are generally end in .ai,.eps or .pdf. However this type formatting does not guarantee that the file is a vector design. Most vector files unless in pdf formatting is not viewable on your computer without a graphics program.
  • Bitmap Designs – A bitmap design is graphics file that is composed of small squares called pixels. Bitmaps are files that are easily inserted and viewable in programs such as Word, Excel and Email documents. All images on Web sites are bitmap files. Bitmap files tend to have rougher edges, since the graphic is small squares instead of smooth lines, and are very difficult to color correct. All photographs are bitmap files. Generally a good bitmap file will have a file size of at least 200 DPI, anything below that resolution and conversion to the vector file format is difficult. Bitmap files generally end in .jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif.

With all of that said the easiest thing to remember is just send us the graphics you have and let us work our magic. If you have artwork knowledge fantastic, if not that is where we are here to help.

It’s our job to know artwork – not yours!

We are here to make ordering your name tags super easy and as painless as possible so give us a call or email today with any questions or to place your order. (888)754-8337