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Chi Omega Sorority Name Tags Recruitment!

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Raining…. So I’m blogging, I live a sad little life.

But hey girls I have got to let you know the latest addition Chi Omega Cut Out Greek Letter Name Badgeto our website – CHI OMEGA SORORITY NAME TAGS RECRUITMENT. That’s right your eyes are not deceiving you, special pages just for you! (And you wonder why we say we are the best??)

We are so blessed to be able to produce name tags for various sororities across the US, so much so that we have broken each sorority into it’s own special section showing the main badges that most chapters purchase – isn’t that cool?

Sorority Name Tags Recruitment

There is no place on the internet that you will find a larger selection of Chi Omega Sorority Name Tags Recruitment than right here. We offer metal or plastic name tags printed in full color or engraved. We also have the Greek cut out letter badges as well as the standard ones with the crest and girls names.

Lot’s of great colors, custom shapes and sizes, whatever your needs we have it – just for you. And if you do not see a design you like or you have a custom design that you are thinking about – not a problem we can do that to.Oh and those cool magnetic backed tags that don’t punch a hole in your clothes – we gotum!

So you are hooked and you want to order but don’t know how – what do you do? Go the website and fill out a bunch of forms? Design your own name tag? Uh – that would be a no!

Even though I don’t have a life that doesn’t mean that you should give up yours. Simple CALL US or SEND US AN EMAIL. I know that is old fashion but hey great personal service never goes out of style. Here is what we need:

  • Basic information of the style name tag you want, metal, plastic, color etc. / magnetic or pin backing. If you have a current name tag you would like us to copy send a photo.Chi Omega Sorority Name Tag With Crest
  • Roster of girls names – if some have titles not a problem send those too (no extra charge)
  • Your shipping address.
  • And if you have any other info that you think is important include that.

Once we have the basic info we will enter the order into our system and send you a confirmation of the cost and a estimated ship date. We will also send a few basic designs of your badges to choose from. Once you have made your selection we will send you a proof of all the badges for your approval.

Once you approve the final proof we will produce and ship your badges. Now isn’t that a simple way to order badges?

We are the sorority name tag specialist – plain and simple. Great pricing, unique designs, awesome service what more would you want? So if you are ready for some badges lets get started!!!CTA