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Church name tags for greeter and ushers that everyone will love.

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Silver Metal Greeter Name TagAttending a new church where you do not know anyone can be a bit intimidating. Hey attending church can be a bit intimidating… Having people at the front door with a smile on their face and a name tag on their chest can go along way in reducing the stress that comes with being in unfamiliar surroundings. And please folks – no sticky label name tags – really – come on.

Professional name tags created especially for churches are not very expensive and will add to the professionalism of the staff. By easily identifying the ushers, greeters, church staff etc., people that are attending for the first time or even members that do not attend regularly, are made to feel a bit more at ease. If someone has a question the name tags easily identify the people that can be of assistance thus making for a more relaxed environment.

engraved usher name tagIn the larger cities where churches sometimes have several hundred to thousands that attend services, name tags are even more vital. With large congregations there is always people looking for information about a variety of things concerning the church, so having staff members wearing badges is a great plus. Hey a friendly smile, hand shake and nice name tag will help to make your staff approachable and welcoming.


Got questions about name tags for greeters and ushers? We have answers…

  • So what goes on a church name tag? Most people will place some sort of design such as a church logo or stock cross etc. as well as name and their position. Some churches go with just the church name and GREETER or USHER
  • What type of material are the badges? Most of the time we produce engraved badges for churches, However digitally imprinting the name tags in full color can be quite stunning. Both methods are the same cost, so we tailor the badge to fit your style and needs. Metal name tags are quite nice but will scratch a bit easier than the plastic. However the style and elegance of metal is hard to beat.
  • Do I place names on the badges? For church staff we say yes..but for Volunteers, Greeters, Ushers quite often we only have the basic badge layout with the title. This allows the badge to be worn by a variety of people. This saves the church money by not having to purchase personalized badges which can only be worn by one person.
  • What will hold my name tag on? Most of the time we recommend the magnetic backing for the badges. The magnet attaches the badge to your clothing without punching a hole in the wearers clothing. We do offer pin backings as well but we do not recommend them.
  • What about reorders, how easy is that? Reorders are simple and easy. Just send us an email or call us with the names and we zip them out to you right away. Simple and hassle free

Just like all the products we produce, we make ordering church name tag simple, easy and hassle free. Would you want it any other way? Just give us a call, simple email or even a fax and we will do the rest of the work.

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