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Rush Order Custom Name Badges

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Custom Name Badges

Custom Name Badges

A very nice person called the other day in need of a rush order of custom name badges. The day was Thursday and she needed the name tags to arrive on Tuesday, and she needed 500 of them. What do you think we told her? Well I will give you her quote “Your the first company that didn’t say no before I ever finished the details”. Now I am not going to say that we can meet any deadline, but we will definitely talk to you about your needs and see what we can do. FYI we told her we could do the order.

We produce 99% of the custom name badges we sell in house. If we have the material we generally can produce most rush order of name tags to meet most deadlines. What we can not control is shipping times, holidays, weather, and  vendor deliveries. We can work all night to produce your order if needed – that we can control.

See we believe that it is a privilege that you allow us to help you with your needs. We are not doing you a favor – you are doing us a favor! It seems that the prevailing idea of companies these days is that customers are lucky to be able to purchase something from them! They seem to have forgotten those days when the company started and did not have any business.

We at nametagpros understand that we are here to help you. Without you we do not have a place to come to work, so we work hard to meet any deadline. We understand what it is like to be in your shoes. We work hard every day to help customers just like you when they are in a bind on an order. We are blessed to have the business that we have, and we realize that it can disappear in an instant. So each and every order is the most important one we produce.

We need you, plain and simple, and we work very hard each and everyday to keep our customers happy, no matter what the request.

So when you have a need for custom name badges trust the professionals at nametagpros.