Most name tags produced today are imprinted by one of two methods, digital or engraving. Both methods have pros and cons depending upon your preferences. The following is a brief explanation of the two processes. Each style is suitable for creating badges however there are some differences that one should be aware of when making a purchase.

Oval staff name badge


Digital Printing
Digital printing is a process by which name tags are created by transferring an image into the surface of the name tag material. This can be accomplished by a digital card printer or heat transfer method. The process is long lasting and the image is generally scratch resistant. Some of the advantages of digitally printed name tags are:

  • Full color printing at an affordable price, even on small quantities.
  • Tags are printed one at a time making reorders of even one badge quick and easy.
  • One color or One Thousand colors – same price.
  • Full color edge to edge printing.
  • PMS color matching for your design. This allows for custom color backgrounds and logo colors.
  • Available on metal name tags or plastic name tags.
  • Fast production time. Most orders shipped in one to two days.
  • Rounded edges provide a nice professional finished appearance.
Restaurant staff name badge


Engraved Printing
Engraving is the traditional method of personalizing name tags. Engraved name tags are created using a two part laminate material that features a surface color and a core color. The image is created by etching through the surface laminate with a laser or rotary engraver, displaying the core color for the graphics. The result is a two color name tag with a surface color and a letter/graphics color. Engraved name tags have been the industry standard for many years and offer many advantages, some are;

  • Durable, the plastic is fairly scratch resistant and extremely durable.
  • Small quantity orders are easily produced.
  • Fast production times on any size order.
  • Available with logos or graphics.
  • Wide range of two color combinations available.
  • Classic good looks.
  • Custom shaped name tags available
  • Available with beveled or rounded edges

The disadvantages of engraving are that PMS color matching as well as multicolor imprinting is not an option.

Either printing method will produce a high quality professional name tag; however each printing method has its unique advantages that need to be considered when making your purchasing decision. If you have any question just give one our professional staff a call at (888)754-8337 and they will be able to answer any question you may have.