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Gettin Creative with Employee Name Tags…

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If you are hesitant about implementing an employee name tag system at your workplace because you don’t think name tags are beneficial, think again!  Not only do name tags give you the opportunity to boldly display the name of your company and the names of your employees, but name tags can include so much more.  Below are some ideas on how you can get creative with your employee name tags in order to see increased benefits.

Include Slogans

If your company has a catchy slogan, add it to your employee name tags.  Your employees can literally act as walking company billboards when their name tags include the right information.  Giving your customers a constant reminder of your company’s slogan has the potential to increase sales.  For example, if you own a used computer store, you may want to include a slogan on employee name tags such as, “The Best Place in Town for Used Computers.”  As customers constantly see this type of slogan on employee name tags, they may subconsciously start to believe it and refer others to your business.

Advertise Specials

Remember the old phrase, “Lose Weight Now- Ask Me How”?  Phrases such as this can be placed on employee name tags to advertise specials.  Curiosity is a natural human tendency and many customers will ask employees about phrases on name tags, which may boost your business.  Other ideas for advertising specials on name tags include statements such as, “Ask Me How to Save on Gas”, “Memorial Day Special: Buy Two Get One Free”, or “Refer a Friend for Free Merchandise”.  Using employee name tags is a great to advertise specials.

Include Facts

Have you ever been to a resort and seen employee name tags that state where the employees are from?  Many resorts across the world have learned that, by including the home state or country of their employees on name tags, they are able to easily build rapport with guests.  Guests or customers often enjoy making geographical connections with the people who are around them because it tends to make them more comfortable and at ease.  Customers will also appreciate employee name tags that clearly display which employees speak a particular foreign language.  Name tags can also include other valuable facts on them, such as position titles and the number of years that each employee has been with your company.  Give your customers an instant guide as to which employees they can speak with for information about a specific topic.

There are also many other ways that you can customize your employee name tags to optimize their use.  Get creative as you think of new ways to utilize employee name tags!

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