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Got name tags? Need more – we make reordering a snap

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order magnetic name tagsOrdering name tags, or any custom item over the internet, can be daunting task. Most of the time the companies you contact just really aren’t that interested in your business. I know that seems shocking but it is the truth. How many emails to you send that are not responded to? How many phone calls not returned? You see most of the companies that don’t make their living online, have no idea how to do business online. They think its cool to be online, or they think they are missing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if they are not online. And once online they figure out that the business is harder than expected.

At nametagpros.com we make our living online. We want to make ordering any product that we offer the simplest and easiest thing you have ever done on line! No hassles, friendly HELPFUL STAFF (I did that in all caps because this is a rare service), we do all the work for you. We don’t make you design you name tag online, isn’t that what you pay us for? All we ask is for you to send us your artwork and a general idea of what you desire on the name tags.We then send a variety of proofs for you to review and make your design choice. Once that is accomplished you will receive a proof of the entire order – just to insure that each badge arrives correctly.

OK but most companies do a pretty good job on the initial order, since that is where most companies make the bulk of their money. What about reorders, and how hard is it to place the reorder? Most companies will make you jump through hoops, fill out forms, ask for information you have no idea that you should have – and now my head is exploding thinking about it!!!!

WE DO NOT! All we need is a simple email, a fax or better yet – JUST CALL US. Imagine that – personal contact? What are we thinking? Yes we love to hear from you. You are the reason we are allowed to stay in business. DO NOT MISS THIS – REORDERS ARE HOW WE STAY IN BUSINESS. We need you to order again and again and it does not matter if it is one or two badges. If you know your business name – that is all we need to get your order going – SIMPLE (unless you can not remember your business name and if that is the case please go away). We save all artwork and orders to finding your old order and reproducing it is not a problem – NO QUESTIONS – ONLY ANSWERS.

I love simple…so remember when you need to reorder your badges trust the name tag authorities nametagpros.com