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How to save money on Staff Name Tags

reusable staff name tag

So you need name tag for your staff of employees but you have a high turnover rate, what are your options? You want a high quality name tag with a professional appearance, but you need to keep your cost reasonable. Your in luck because  several options are available for your staff name tags.

First, if you have high turnover then permanent personalization is not an option. Why would you spend on a name tag that you may have to throw away after one day when your new employee quits? Sticky name tags? No way – super unprofessional.

The best way to save money on your staff name tags is to purchase name tags that are blank except for logo personalization. Then depending upon the type badge you choose you can personalize the name tags with either a label maker or using a supplied card insert. So now you have a professional staff name tag but the ability to reuse the tag over and over again – thus saving you money.

window name tag

So what options do you have for reusable staff name tags? There are two basic types, one is the window name tag. This type of name tag comes printed in full color with an interior slot that opens up for the insertion of the name on a white card stock. When you have a new employee just print the name on the card stock with your computer, then insert the card into the badge, quick, easy and very professional. Magnetic and pin backings are available for this tag as well as a clip. The only draw back on window name tags is there is a minimum order of 50 pieces.

The second type of reusable name tag is the logo only badge. This type name tag is personalized by using a label maker to create a name strip that sticks to the face of the badge. When you have a new employee just stick the name on a new or reused badge and you are good to go. With this type of badge you can choose metal or plastic with engraving or full color printing. Hey if you want to go really crazy you can opt for a custom shape! There are no minimums on this type of badge but to save money you need to order in volume.

So quit throwing your money in the trash. Save money on your staff name tags by purchasing reusable staff name tags, you will be glad you did.