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How To Order Magnetic Name Tags Online

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Magnetic Name Tags

So you think you can order magnetic name tags online fast and easy? Have you tried? Most online name tag providers push you to use the online designer…good luck with that. Name tags and badges are custom designed items, text that changes, specialized logo colors and even custom shapes. So how many forms do you think you will have to fill out to make that happen? Do you have the time? Do you have the patience? Not me.

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So let me tell you how to order name tags online, don’t, well sort of..OK let me clear this up for you.

Plain and simple forms are a ginormus pain in the rear. I always miss something on the form and that makes me crazy and I feel stupid.

We keep ordering your badges simple with good old fashion customer service to boot! Here’s how we you can do it!

  • Order by phone(888)754-8337 – that’s right the phone, and it’s not just for looking at Facebook and Instagram! You can actually use it to call us. Give us a call between 8 and 5 Monday thru Friday and we will hold you hand during the order process. We will make sure you receive absolutely the correct product at the best price for your specific needs. Sure we may ask you to email us files, but we can explain what you need to send and how to send it. No need to fill out a bunch of forms, let us do that.
  • Order Online – Yes you can order online if you want to we have a form where you may enter your information, send us your files etc. etc. This is a simple form for simple orders. If you have a custom shape or need expedited production and shipping it is best to call to discuss your needs.
  • Fax Your Order – Some people prefer the fax and that is OK with us. Ours still works and some people find that ordering by fax works for them.
  • Order By Email – Quite simply compose and email with the style tag you want, information on the tag, attach a logo or list of names if needed and email the form. No need to design your tag – let the professionals do that. Designing magnetic name tags is why we get paid the big bucks (OK quit laughing)

Regardless of how you order this is what we do for you to keep the order process hassle free.

  • After we receive your information we send you a proof of various layouts – rarely just one, we like to be creative.
  • We also send you a confirmation of the cost – with all of your shipping and billing info – note, you do not have to enter this – we do,(see the hassle free part?)
  • Once you approve the design we send you a proof of all the badges to insure that there are no errors.
  • Then after your approval we ship (this entire process usually takes just a day) your name tags. Quick, Easy and Simple. (so ordering your name tags can take – oh about 5 minutes – try that with an online design program.

So do you like what you see, read, uh hear? Well in any case, when you need to order magnetic name tags and want to do it online let the name tag professionals keep it quick, easy and fun.