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Metal name tags that don’t scratch – too good to be true?

Metal name tag with protective coveringMetal name tags are awesome looking. The metal has such a rich look that just can’t be duplicated with any other name tags. Unfortunately metal scratches much easier than any other name tag we produce, and who wants a scratched up ugly name tag? NOBODY!

Well we have a great new solution to this age old problem, metal name tags with a snap protective covering. Sounds too good to be true but it’s not.

49d777cdd477e76dea7b279017b034de_XLThe amazing thing is the name tag system is so simple it is brilliant. We take a standard metal name tag and imprint it with your unique graphic or design. The tag is then covered by a snap on clear plastic covering that encases the top portion of the name tag (looks seamless – you do not really know where the cover begins and ends). The covering now will protect the metal tag from scratches. Now to be clear (pardon the pun) the cover does scratch, however the covers may be replaced, which in effect renders a new name tag at a fraction of the cost. So the wearer can actually wear the badge for several years.

silver metal name tag with coverThe metal name tags with snap covers are available in 2 sizes, 1 inch x 3 inch and 1.5 inch by 3 inches. They come in gold, silver or white background, but the backgrounds can be flood printed to reproduce any color combination you may need. In other words if you can design an awesome multicolored graphic, we can print it to create unique and beautiful badge. Most clients finish the tags with a magnetic backing to complete a name tag that anyone would be thrilled to own.

Reusable snap cover metal name tag

BONUS the snap cover metal name tag are also have a reusable version. Some clients opt to print just the logo on the name tag and leave a space to personalize on site. Just take a label maker that dispenses a clear strip (available at office supply stores), type out the name, affix it to the metal insert and pop the cover over. The result is a very professional upscale looking reusable name tag. to reuse the name tag simply take the cover off, replace the name strip and pop the cover back over the tag. Simple, easy and very cost effective way to provide name tags for your employees.

So what about the downside of the badges? Well they do cost just a bit more, however if you keep replacing the cover the name tag in the long run is cheaper than most tags we produce.


  • Upscale metal finish
  • Long lasting with durable plastic cover
  • Professional look and appearance year after year
  • Low cost for long term ownership
  • Reusable versions available

So there you have it, another great product for our clients. Just another way we put you first. So remember when you need name tags and badges trust the name tag authorities nametagpros.com.