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Name tags and cell phones…curious?

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order name tags onlineWell I hope I grabbed your attention. Are you wondering what it all means? I hope so.

The reason for this post is somethings I experienced this week in dealing with different companies. Things we would never do, but from a pure dollars and cents point of view, by not doing them makes me a bad business person.

So I go to the cell phone store (where they the staff wears name tags – see how I weaved that into the story) and my lucky day, the phone can be upgraded to the latest and greatest – no additional fee! I feel like I won the lottery, cause everyone needs the newest phone right? Oh but wait, got to have a new plan, only $10 more per month. Well less than a year ago when I purchased the phone, had to get a new plan, just $10 more. So really they have gone up $20 a month on me – for the same service – guess the cost does not stay the same (but like little sheep we all jump up and down because we have to have the latest at any cost – right?) Plus you really need the care plan in case you damage your phone – well thats only $100 extra dollars – FREE UPGRADE – I’m not the smartest tool in the box – but seems like nothing is free here. But when I baulked guess what happened? They found a plan that was the same as what I was previously paying, no additional per month, amazing. Would I have gotten that plan if I did not say anything? That would be NO.

So what does that have to do with buying name tags for your organization or businessat nametagpros.com we do things differently. We look out for you, treat your money like it was ours, and do you know why? It is really simple, if we take care of you, you like it, your a happy customer. You want to continue to do business with us, you recommend us, we stay in business. We love happy customers, do you think buying a cell phone makes me happy? Do you think that when I drive by the cell phone store I go “Wow I just love going in there, they are great to deal with”? Once again that would be a NO.

Business isn’t that hard. Yes we make money, we have to in order to stay in business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you save money where we can. Our philosophy is this, take care of the customer and they will take care of you. Not hard, didn’t have to read a business book on selling name tags online, just uncommon sense (you are free to use that term – just another nugget of wisdom).

So remember the next time you need name tags trust the name tag authorities at nametagpros.com