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Order Custom Plastic Name Tags

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Custom Plastic Name Tags

Today’s world is a fast pace go go society. Text me, snapchat, Facebook updates all instant communication and gratification. Is that a good thing? It seems we are losing the personal side of everything. When was the last time you saw two people eating lunch and just looking at their phones – and not talking to each other? Probably today.

Well at nametagpros we love the internet, progress, technology and most of the things that go along with it. The convenience is awesome and makes our lives easier. However when it comes to buying name tags online, we think you need to step back in time a bit and remember how great old fashion customer service used to be – because that is what we offer.

Now many competitors offer online custom plastic name tag designers, let me ask you – are you a designer? Don’t you have a real job – and it isn’t designing name tags online. We are the professionals, so why would you waste your precious time designing plastic name tags. WE ARE PROFESSIONAL NAME TAG COMPANY – Let us do our job. Now it is cool to design your own badge – don’t get me wrong, but who has the time?

Unlike most online name tag companies we actually want you to call us to discuss your order. Ask for our insights to what type of badge is right for your business or organization. What colors work the best, different printing technologies and even what type of fastener to use on the back. We love customer contact and actually DISCOURAGE you from ordering online – Just call us we make it easy.

I mean with so many options and features do  you really know what name badge is best for you?

  • Magnetic Name Tags
  • Plastic Full Color Name Tags
  • Engraved Name Badges
  • Reusable Employee Name Tags

And the list goes on and on. So don’t waste your time with online designers – CALL US and let the name tag authorities take care of everything. You will be glad you did. (888)754-8337