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Reusable name tags and the dilemma….read on

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Metal reusable name tag for auto dealers

OK lets face it, reusable name tags are not the most important item on your agenda today. But one of my customers brought to light some interesting things that I though I would share with everybody out there who is listening – and you know who you are…

So here is the dilemma, you want name tags for your business but you have a high turnover rate. You want the tags to look professional but you really need to be able to personalize onsite. You want to have the tags produced quickly and without a lot of hassle, and online ordering can be a pain. What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO?

OK so if there is a name tag emergency we have our values in the wrong place. I’m just saying…metal reusable name badge in gold

Here are a few answers to these burning questions. First, name tags with labels are ok for certain uses and generally perceived as acceptable. Your at a restaurant and your server has a name tag with a label for the name (hence – name can be removed – which makes it reusable, for those of you keeping score) no problem. You are at the bank and the bank president has a name tag with a label…not a good sign, do you see what I mean? Perception is reality.

What we suggest is to purchase some badges with personalization and some without (logo only reusable). This allows you to provide those staff members who have been with the company a while,a nice personalized name tag. This creates a nice professional look and shows that the employee is a permanent – which helps to instills trust, which is a good thing…

For those temporary or new to the company, use the reusable name tags. By using a label maker you may personalize the name tag on the spot and your new employee is ready to go to work. If employee don’t last long, no worries, just pull label the label off and you are ready to use the name tag again.

Once the staff member has been employed awhile order them a permanent name tag. Hey why not make a big deal about them receiving the new name tag – everybody loves to have a big deal made over them. Bonus time!!! Employee recognition and name tags – gotta love a twofer…

So the big question is cost. We combine your orders to help you receive the maximum discount so you are assured of receiving the best possible price, once again, that is a good thing. No need to purchase all reusable or all personalized, be flexible – we are.

Name tags should not be a problem on your list of problems. Just call us and we will make designing and ordering your badges quick easy and painless.

Saving money, promoting employee moral, exhibiting a professional image for your company, all good things – and you owe it all to the name tag authority – nametagpros.com