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Reusable name tags, you have questions we have answers!

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custom reusable name tag

When it comes to reusable name tags there are quite a few options which can lead to confusion when trying to decide what type would best suit your business. Don’t worry – I have the answers!

Quite simply a reusable name tag is one that has the company name or logo printed on the surface of the badge with a space left for onsite personalization. These badges are generally plastic however metal reusable tags are also available. Let cover the basic types – since you are reading this you might as well learn something!

window name tagWindow Name Tags – a window badge is a plastic badge that features a cut out slot or “window” that holds a card with the name printed on it. The badge itself separates in the middle and the card slides into the slot which renders a slick professional finish and great looking name tag. The cards are easily changed so the name tag can be used over and over. The disadvantage of the window badge is that they must be ordered in bulk with a minimum order of 50 pieces, with 250 pieces being the optimum quantity price wise compared to standard logo only badges.

standard logo only name tag

Standard Name Tag Logo Only – this type badge is our basic name tag with the logo printed or engraved with a spot left for personalization. The badges are easily personalized with a label maker or permanent marker. The label makers are readily available at Wal Mart, Office Depot etc. My favorite is the clear tape with the black lettering. However there are quite a few options for the color of labels and text, so just go crazy and design something cool. The great thing about these badges is they are very affordable, ship quickly, and can be purchased in low quantities (like 10 pieces). This helps even the smallest of businesses afford professional name tags that they can reuse.

So there are your two basic options for reusable name tags. Both are very cost effective and each has their own distinct characteristics that need to be considered when ordering. But you know what? If you don’t know which is best for you – call us, we are here to help you.

Remember to trust the name tag authorities at nametagpros.com for all your needs. We want you as a customer today, and tomorrow!