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Simple name tag ordering, for simple people…like me

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order name tagsOrdering name tags should be simple, easy and fast, so why isn’t it…

Me, I like simple. I would be fine with 2 flavors of ice cream…beef or chicken? yes! I don’t need exotic foods. You day boring – I say uncomplicated. But hey everyone is different. That is why they make 15 colors of vehicles. But you know what? I own my business and I get to do things my way.

So when you visit nametagpros.com you will find simple easy pricing, simple easy selections and if you call us – simple and easy service. All of our basic name tags, any size, any number of lines of imprint, any number of colors in the logo…SAME PRICE. You don’t need a scientific calculator to figure out what your badges will cost. Simple

OK so you need a design – most companies make you design your own name badges – what the crap is that about. Don’t you have a real job? Just tell us what you are needing and we design your badges. SIMPLE

Oh so you are in a hurry for your badges, we will never give you the run around, charge you rush fees and generally give you a hard time. We say “YES we will make it happen” SIMPLE

If you call for a reorder, we won’t ask you for your account number or any other carp associated with your last order – we just ask your name and we do the rest, you don’t have to remember a thing. Or as a matter of fact all you have to do is send an email saying – hey I need 3 more with these names. SIMPLE

When you call, we won’t make you punch this number and that number. You won’t be transferred around from person to person. The person that answers can handle any situation and has the authority to make decisions to make you happy. SIMPLE

Yea that’s right, I’m SIMPLE – and I like that way.

Remember when you need name tags and badges trust the authority – nametagpros.com