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Sorority Name Badge Time – YAHOO!!!

Like Christmas morning can not arrive soon enough, so is the coming of sorority name badge season! Yes girls it is time to start thinking about the name badges you will need for next fall (and I am not kidding 🙂 )


Sorority Name Badges

But no worries we make it simple and easy to order sorority badges so just relax – you have enough to worry about with SPRING BREAK coming, (the rest of us in the real world do not know what that means anymore, just fading memories). So get ready for your tips on easy ordering! We have added a unique new order form especially for sororities to our site to make ordering easy – but here are a few things you will need to know.

Just remember you may simply email us – call us – or use the online form – you choose!

  1. First pick out the style of badge you prefer from our website – which is totally awesome by the way with 24 pages of chapter specific tags. Or if you have a badge you currently use simple email us a photo of it and we can copy the design for you. Yes you may do this on the new form. Simple email is easier but you choose.
  2. We will need a roster of the girls names. There are a couple of ways to send that to us. You may attach a file to an email or the order form. Or you may simply type the names into our form or a basic email, whichever is easiest for you.
  3. Once you have provided the style of tag and list of names we need your basic information such as Name, University, Address etc. (once again – there are places on the form). That’s it – too easy

OK once we receive the information for the badges we start to work for you. For all new orders we send out proofs of the style of name badge you are requesting. After you receive the proofs you then choose the design you prefer – or email us back with the changes you will need. Once that is approved we send you a proof of all the badges, we want to make sure that your tags are 100% correct when you receive them. After we receive the proof approval, we produce and ship the badges? The entire order process normally takes just a few days and shipping times depend on your location.

And reorders are even easier…We keep all designs on file so each year when the new recruitment person needs tags, just a simple email to us and we fill in the tags with the new members.

So you see we do make it easy to order, you guys have so much to worry about ordering name badges should be the least of your worries – that’s my job!

So call us (888)754-8337email us – or use the form to order your sorority name badge – BUT USE US!!! You will be glad you did.