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Sorority Name Tags Ordering Tips

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Sorority Rush Name TagOK Girls listen up, most of you have never ordered name tags for your sorority before and that is just fine. I am here make ordering these badges simple and easy.The following list will allow us to process your order fast and efficiently.

  1. We need the girls names – the easiest way to submit the names if by placing them in a word or excel document. In either case please lay them out the following way. Place the names in a single cell with the first name first. Do not separate the first and last names into 2 cells, that just complicates things. Also please use upper and lower case letters – DO NOT USE ALL CAPS! If you want positions or special tags add those into a separate cell.
  2. Email the list to us – Do not mail or fax the list. Just give us a call and we will give you an email address to send the file to us. (888)754-8337

There are some things that you need to include in the email with the list of names.

  • Type name tag you want, metal or plastic.
  • Type backing, magnetic or pin backing – and believe me you want magnetic.
  • Your shipping address – goes without saying.
  • When you need your tags – another good thing to know.
  • How you are going to pay, do we bill the chapter or do you want to pay by credit card?
  • Color of name tag, another no brainer.
  • Color of letters on tag. If you want special colors we need to talk so make sure we print the exact color you need.
  • Graphics – this is the tricky part. If you have special graphics we will need a high resolution image of the design. Another bit of vital information is the exact colors that are in the design (we need PMS colors – and if you do not know what that means give us a call and we can help)
  • Any special request or information that will make your order easier.

Now I know this seems like a lot but not really, If you have questions just call us. Our job is to help make the ordering process simple and easy. And once your set up reorders are simple and easy each year. We keep your order information saved so reproducing the badges year after year is not a problem.

Remember to trust the name tag authorities nametagpros.com with all your sorority name tag needs.