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Things to know when ordering name tags or name badges

Metal Name Tag Oval

Well ordering name tags seems pretty easy doesn’t it? I mean you see them every where, the doctor’s office, the grocery store, restaurants, how tough can it be to buy a name tag? The buying is not tough, buying the right name tag from the right company…that is a bit more complicated.

Choosing the right vendor is important when purchasing your name tags.There are a multitude of places that sell name tags but don’t actually produce the tags. These big box stores are not going to be a lot of help if you have a problem with your order. Our suggestion is to choose a company, such as nametagpros.com, who make the name tags in-house. By choosing a company that actually produces the tags, should a problem or complication arise, they can actually help you in a difficult situation to insure you have your badges on time.

The correct type name tag is another option that maybe you have not thought about. Metal name tags have a very elegant upscale appearance but do not fair well with rugged use. If you work in say a warehouse where you load and unload boxes and are always rubbing your name tag against something then a plastic name tag is much more suited for your application.

What about the type backing of the name tag…pin, magnet or clip? The magnetic backing is the most popular because it does not punch a hole in your clothing. However if you have a uniform shirt or scrubs why spend the extra money for the magnetic backing and go with just a pin.

What about reorders? If you go with a big box store reorders can be a pain since most of the time they will not keep good records of your order. By going with a professional such as nametagpros.com then reorders are a snap. We keep all jobs on file so all we need is a simple email or phone call and your badges are on the way.

What about if there is a problem? Good luck if you are dealing with a bit company. Stick with a professional and most of these companies will make your problems go away without a hassle or fuss.

So you see choosing the right name tag company is just as important as going with the right name tag type. So go with a professional name tag manufacture, you will be glad you did.