Why You Need Upscale Name Tags for Your Event

So you are planning an event, but not just any event. It’s THE event of the year. Maybe it’s your end-of-year awards dinner, a corporate event, or a gala affair to kick off a new business. When you host an upscale event, you’re going to want to have upscale name tags to match. Sometimes, paper name tags with a sticky back just won’t do. They just don’t look right stuck to a tux lapel; you know? At Name Tag Pros, we can make sure you get the upscale name tags you need for your upcoming high-end event.

Why Your Event Benefits from Name Tags

You may be tempted to skip name tags altogether. It may seem like something insignificant. Maybe you are working on a budget and thinking that it would be one less expense to deal with. Not only are they less expensive than you may have thought, but there are also several reasons that make them well worth the cost.

They help people form stronger connections.

People like hearing their names. It’s comforting in some way and it makes it much easier to connect. Having a name badge avoids some of the initial awkwardness when talking to someone you don’t know well or are meeting for the very first time. It can help get the conversation off to a good start. Who knows, it could potentially develop into a business relationship.

Most of us are terrible at names.

A person’s name is one of those “little” details that matter. When it is visible, it can help avoid missteps. There’s no wondering if you got the right name with the right face or not. It’s handy and available so there’s no worrying about calling a guest, coworker, or potential business partner by the wrong name.

A great conversation starter at conferences.

If your event is corporate in nature, upscale name tags can provide conversation starter material. This is especially true when you have a company logo or associate’s positions on the name tag. Starting a conversation is easier when you know someone’s name and it can develop into networking or meaningful business relationships.

Use upscale name tags to communicate more than a name.

Many times attendees come to upscale events to make connections. If this fits your event, include other information on the badge that makes it easier to recognize other attendees and their affiliations. One example might be to color-code name badges by industry, sponsors, speakers, or affiliates. This makes them more identifiable and approachable.

Types of Upscale Name Tags

At Name Tag Pros, we have what you need when it comes to upscale name tags. You can choose from executive name tags, leather name badges, or name tags with bling or fancy borders. We also have a popular framed metal name tag. All of our name badges are customizable for your event or corporation. We can print your unique design or logo in full color. We have three different sizes available in either gold or silver finish for your upscale event. Let us help you create a memorable event that everyone will be talking about for years to come. They will be using your upscale event as a model for how it is done!

Call or email us at Name Tag Pros today. Or, you can fill out our easy-to-use online form. We are dedicated to making it easy for you to get the upscale name tags you need.

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