4 Characteristics to Consider in Photo ID Name Tags

Even if your company or organization has a definite need for photo ID name badges, it’s important to note that all ID badges are not created equal. At Name Tag Pros, we conform to your needs by delivering custom products rather than making you conform to a long list of complicated requirements. We want to hear from you. We’ll pay attention to your needs and then commit ourselves to producing high-quality photo ID name badges that represent you. We understand that you need photo ID name tags to encourage communication, enhance security, and promote your brand image.  You may be able to explain other specific needs you have as well. Since you are considering photo ID name tags, here are five characteristics you’ll want to consider in the design process.

1. Choose a High-Quality, Color Photograph

The most prominent part of an ID name badge is the photograph. Don’t settle for low-quality printing or imagery when making employee ID name tags. Poor quality images help make identifying employees easier, which helps improve communication between your staff, customers, and business partners as well. Check out these tips for taking great photographs for ID name badges.

2. The Value of Customizing Photo ID Name Tags

At Name Tag Pros, you can easily design your own photo ID name tags to meet the specific needs of your brand image. We can help you create a name tag that includes your logo and integrates with your brand colors. We can help you with any design elements you need and help you get the perfect photo ID name badges that will provide you with the benefits you need.

3. Choose a Fastener Style

Most businesses choose color-matching lanyards to go with their employee photo ID name badge. But you have plenty of options, like a pin or magnetic backing. You may also want to include an ID card holder with a pin backing. The clear cover allows the photo and name to be seen easily, but it can be worn, so it’s easy to access.

4. High-quality, Materials and Construction

Why spend money on a photo ID badge that is made from low-quality materials? They are likely to disappoint you, and they will fall apart quickly. At Name Tag Pros, our photo ID name badges are made with the highest quality materials, which gives you peace of mind and ensures they can be used for years to come. We have a very high standard when it comes to producing high-quality name badges!

Ready to Order Photo ID Name Badges?

At Name Tag Pros, we are ready to help you with your order. Our name tags are fully customizable, and we can help you choose and balance the perfect elements to create your name tags. Call us today and let us answer your questions and help you get the effective design you need.

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