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Metal Name Tags With Protective Cover


We have quite a few people call or email about purchasing name tags with a protective epoxy dome covering. The epoxy doming is a wonderful idea but not really practical for small orders of name badges. But not to worry we have a solution to your needs.

We offer metal name tags with a protective clear plastic cover. The name tag is our standard metal style name tag with your design digitally printed in full color. Once the name tag is complete we attach a clear plastic lens that simply snaps over the tag. The lens fits very seamlessly and gives the name tag a very finished and professional look. Yes the lens is removable but actually takes a bit of work to remove it. This lens keeps the metal name tag from scratching and can be replaced once the lens becomes excessively scratched. This is a great advantage since you only have to purchase the lens and not a entirely new name tag.

Small Clear Cover Metal Name Tag

The lens are available in 2 sizes. The 1″x3″ and 1.5″x3″, unfortunately this is only sizes available at this time. The inserts however are available in Gold, Silver and White (with the white we can print a variety of background colors). We finish each name tag with a pin or magnetic backing (but forget the pin and go with the magnet – you will be much happier)

Quite a few of our clients choose to select the reusable version of this name tag. The way this works is we imprint the company name or logo on the tag and leave a space for the employees name. Most people personalize the tags with a label makers which are readily available at places such as Office Depot, Staples, Target etc.

The metal tag and snap cover display a very nice upscale look well worth the small additional expense the cover adds to the cost. Once you try them all other tags will pale by comparison!

The next time you need name tags trust the professional as nametagpros.com