5 Reasons Hotels Need Employee Name Badges

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know how important customer satisfaction is to your business. One bad online review may not ruin your business. But let a few be published back-to-back and your hotel can take a big hit. Hotels focus on how to foster customer relationships and how they can be improved. It may seem odd that something as small as an employee name tag can greatly affect the relationship process. 

Five Positive Ways Employee Name Badges Affect the Hotel Industry

Convenient for Guests

Professional name badges help guests easily identify hotel staff. If they need to ask for help or have questions about your services, they know who to address. There is no question about who works in your establishment which distills confusion. Knowing how to find personnel who can help them, helps guests have a more pleasant stay at your hotel. 

Hotel Staff Accountability

Having a staff that is accountable isn’t just about identifying negative behaviors. Guests who have positive experiences with a member of your staff can provide complimentary feedback. When they can easily identify employee’s names, then they can better let you know how well services are being handled.

Emergencies and Safety

If there is an emergency at your hotel, it is critical that guests to distinguish quickly between your hotel staff and your guests. Even though employees wear uniforms in most establishments, in an emergency it’s more difficult to think clearly and make the distinction based on clothing alone. It’s also beneficial for emergency personnel like law enforcement or fire crews to identify your employees easily and quickly.

Your Brand Identity

Personalized name tags also help promote your company. Ordering employee name tags with your full-color logo identifies your company and helps guests remember your brand. Guests will quickly identify your brand on name badges. They also help demonstrate that your employees are an important part of your hotel team.

Improve Employee Relations

In most hotels, employee shifts vary. Staff members may work different shifts or fill in for other workers from time to time. Having employee name badges helps them make quick introductions and start conversations more easily. If you run a large-scale hotel with various departments such as maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and kitchen staff, then name tags help improve collaboration and communication between the departments.

Types of Hotel Name Badges

At Name Tag Pros, we offer a variety of choices when it comes to name tags. You can order engraved plastic name tags or metal name badges. We will help you find the right style, look, and backing that works work for your establishment. We also provide design proofs so you can review several options and choose the one that you like best. You can also choose whether you want a magnetic backing that helps protect uniforms and clothing.

Why Order Your Hotel Staff Name Tags from Name Tag Pros?

There are plenty of advantages to having your hotel staff wear name badges. Let Name Tag Pros help you design the best badge to represent your brand. We make the ordering process as easy and fast as possible for you. Call us today at 888-754-8337 and let us show you what a hassle-free order really looks like!  Order your hospitality name badges today!

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