Top 5 Reasons Staff Name Tags Are Important for Businesses

Never underestimate the power of a little name badge! Many companies skip it, not understanding the leverage it can provide. Something as simple as a name tag can be helpful with marketing efforts, improve customer service, and can mean more sales. Here are the five top reasons staff name tags are important to businesses of all sizes.

Top 5 Reasons Name Badges are Important

1.       Creates Connection Between Customers and Your Employees

During a customer’s visit, the name badge helps establish a relationship between them and your staff member. Customers are more likely to return for more visits if they’ve established a relationship. It makes them more comfortable doing business with someone they know. There’s something about knowing a worker’s name that makes them more “human.” 

2.       Another Opportunity to Display Your Brand

A full-color logo is a great way to display your brand and help get it into customers’ minds. When paired with a friendly face and professional attire, it helps your brand stand out even more. You can’t really put a price on the benefit of bringing awareness to your company’s brand.

3.       Increases Professionalism

When employees don’t feel professional, they are not going to act professionally. When they pin a badge on their uniform, it makes it more official and important. Well-designed name tags impress customers and help you put your best foot forward. When your employees see that you care, they will care too. They are more likely to be professional in their actions when they feel professional in their uniform or work attire.

4.       Shows Worker Positions

If a customer is shopping in your establishment and they need something, they may not know who to ask. Without custom name tags that display workers’ responsibilities or positions, you may lose that customer. But if they can see your employee’s name and their level of expertise, such as a shift leader, supervisor, or manager, they will feel at ease asking their questions. 

5.      Increase Staff Member Accountability

You hope negative situations don’t happen at the workplace. However, if they do, you want to know who should be held responsible. A customer might be able to tell you which “young man” did a good deed, went over and above, or messed up their order. When your staff members wear name badges, a customer can easily identify a worker who helped them solve a problem or one who did not. This raises the level of worker accountability drastically.

Professional Name Tag Design

Name tag design is key to using them as part of your branding or marketing strategies. You can choose a full-color logo name tag. Another option is choosing plastic engraved name badges in a color that compliments your logo or business theme. You can choose a different color for each department, so employees are easily identified. There are lots of options, and at Name Tag Pros, our favorite thing to do is help you design the perfect name tag for your business! Call us today, and let us put our decades of experience and expertise to work for you. 

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