7 Types of Logos and How They are Used

Your logo is a special image that is used to symbolize a business. Logos can be classified into seven different types. Each logo style is a unique combination of images and or typography, and each type provides a different feel. Your logo is often the first thing a customer sees, and the last thing they remember. So, you want to make sure it’s a great representation of your company. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the types of logos.

Logo 1: Monogram or Lettermark Logos

Lettermark or monogram logos are made of letters. In most cases, they are the brand’s initials. Think CNN, IBM, or HBO. These are just a few examples of companies that have successfully used their initials for brand identification. It really boils down to simplicity. Using a few letters is an easy way to streamline any company brand, but particularly useful if it has a long name, like NASA. Since the focus is on the initials, the font used is important. 

Logo 2: Logotypes of Wordmark Logos

This logo is very similar to the letter mark, but it uses the name of the business. Examples include Coca-Cola and Visa. These types of logos work great for companies with distinct and succinct names. Think Google. It’s just a word, but it’s catchy and memorable which helps create strong brand recognition. Typography is important to this type of logo, and you’ll want to choose a font that represents your business and what it does. Elegant fonts provide a high-end feel, for example. A traditional, heavier text works for legal or governmental agencies.

Logo 3: Logo Symbols or Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark is often called a logo symbol or brand. It’s a graphic-based logo. Some images that might come to mind when you think about a logo are the Apple logo, the Target bullseye, or the Twitter bird. These are three examples of very well-established brands. If you choose to use a pictorial logo, you’ll want something that can stick with your company forever. 

Logo 4: Abstract Logo Marks

An abstract logo is a specific type of pictorial logo. However, it’s not a recognizable image, it’s usually an abstract geometric shape or form used to represent your business. A few famous examples include the Pepsi divided circle, the BP starburst, and the Adidas flower. The key to using an abstract logo is creating something that can uniquely represent your brand.

Logo 5: The Mascot Logo

A mascot logo uses an illustrated character. It can be a fun, colorful, or cartoonish image. It’s a great way to create your own brand. Famous mascot logos include KFC’s Colonel, the Kool-Aid Man, and Planter’s Mr. peanut. They can have a dynamic effect.

Logo 6: Combination Logo

A combination logo combines two styles. It usually combines a wordmark or letter mark with a mascot, abstract mark, or pictorial logo mark. Picture and text may be stacked on top of each other, integrated together, or laid out side-by-side. Think Burger King, Lacoste, or Doritos. It’s a versatile choice and you have the icon and text working together to create the brand. 

Logo 7: Emblem Logos

An emblem logo has words (or font) inside an icon or symbol. They may be similar to a crest, badge, or seal. They have a striking impact, but a traditional appearance. Schools, government agencies, and organizations often use emblem-style logos. A few companies do too like Starbucks’ mermaid and the Harley Davidson crest.

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