Best Practice in Employee Name Badge Design

Employee name tags play an important role in any business. They help establish your brand, keep customer relations more personal, and identify your staff. You can think of them like a wearable business card of sorts. The key to getting the most bang for your buck is designing an employee name tag that sticks in the minds of clients, patrons, or customers. You want them to remember you once they leave your establishment. 

Why is Employee Name Badge Design So Important?

Everything about your employee’s name badges communicates something about your business. The style, shape, design, and words tell customers something and can add value. Your name badges can be leveraged to focus your customer’s attention on your company and services. When a customer or client enters your establishment, the name tag may be their first impression of how you conduct business. It also makes it easier for them to start a conversation with your staff. A well-designed employee name tag can set your business apart from competitors. 

4 Best Practices in Employee Name Tag Design

To create an employee name badge that stands out, it’s going to need four elements. You’ll want to consider these four items to ensure you get a name tag that represents your company and culture. 

  • Template/Design
  • Color Scheme
  • Font/Readable Information
  • High-Quality Printing


You want your name tag to stand out and represent your brand. Most name tags are about the same size, but you have plenty of options. You can choose a unique size or shape. At Name Tag Pros, you’ll find round and rectangular options. But you also have the choice to make your own custom-shaped name tag. We can make it in any shape that would represent your business and what you do. Some examples include:

  • Pawprint name tag for vets or pet stores
  • House-shaped name tag for real estate professional

Color Scheme

When it comes to color schemes and name tags, we’ve got you covered. You can choose two-colored engraved plastic name tags in a color that represents your brand. Another option is a full-color logo name tag that displays your logo. If you want to use metal name tags, you still have a ton of options for colors. Remember a name tag is like an extension of your brand so you want to incorporate matching colors to help solidify it.

Readable Content and Fonts

One thing that will stand out on your name badge is your employee’s name. Anyone who comes in your establishment should be able to identify and relate to employees quickly. The font should be easy to read so you don’t want to get too fancy on the font. We can help you choose a font that looks stylish and is readable.

High-Quality Printing

The quality of your employee’s name tags speaks loudly about your business. Whether you choose to go with full-color name tags, or classic black and white, high-quality printing is important. Every name tag you purchase from Name Tag Pros is either laser engraved, or UV LED printed using full-color graphics. You can be assured of a professional-looking employee name badge that stands out from your competitors. 

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Give us a call at 888-754-8337 to order high-quality employee name tags. We are dedicated to making your ordering process as hassle-free as possible. Do you already have a design in mind? We can help you get what you want! Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Let us help you come up with an exceptional design that is unique to your business and extends your brand. 

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