Ditch the Fuss: Why Badge Holders Are Out and Name Tag Pros Solutions Are In

In a world increasingly driven by quick impressions and brand identity, even the little details matter. One such detail is how your employees wear their identification. Sure, you could go the traditional route and opt for badge holders, but have you ever stopped to consider the alternatives? This article aims to explore what badge holders are, why they've been the go-to solution for many companies, and the innovative alternatives offered by Name Tag Pros that you might find more compelling. 

What Are Badge Holders? 

Badge holders are plastic or vinyl pouches designed to hold ID cards or name badges. They often have a slot or hole at the top for attachment to lanyards, clips, or reels. Primarily, they serve the purpose of protecting the badge while providing visibility and easy access for scanning or visual checks. 

Why Companies Use Badge Holders 

Accessibility and Functionality
Badge holders offer a way to conveniently display ID without damaging the card. Employees can easily scan their badges for access to secure areas, and in sectors like healthcare, the badge holder medical importance is pronounced due to the high-security requirements. 

Professional Appearance 

With a standardized look, badge holders contribute to a cohesive brand image. Employees look neat and uniform, making a better impression on clients or patients. 


Badge holders are not restricted to one type of business or environment; they find use in corporate settings, medical facilities, and events, among other scenarios. 

The Benefits of Using Badge Holders 

1. Durability: They provide a layer of protection against wear and tear. 

2. Flexibility: Easily swap out cards when needed without having to replace the holder. 

3. Visibility: Clear plastic allows for easy scanning and visual identification.

Time to Upgrade: Name Tag Pros Solutions 

While badge holders have been useful for many years, it’s time to consider alternatives that not only fulfill the functions above but also offer advanced features.

Photo ID Name Tags

Photo ID Badge

Say goodbye to the boring, monochrome ID cards. At Name Tag Pros, we offer custom-designed Photo ID Name Tags that are vibrant, durable, and tailored to your brand. These IDs are designed to last, eliminating the need for a separate badge holder. With a professional appearance and personalized touch, our Photo IDs are ideal for today’s dynamic work environment. 

Reusable Window Name Tags

reusable window name badge

If you have a high turnover or your employees often shift departments, our Reusable Window Name Tags are for you. These tags feature a small window where you can easily swap out names, titles, or departments. That's cost-effective, eco-friendly, and super convenient!

Clear Epoxy Scratch-Resistant Coating 

One of the major setbacks of not using an employee badge holder is susceptibility to scratches. Enter Name Tag Pros' Clear Epoxy Scratch-Resistant Coating. This added layer of protection ensures that the name tags remain clear and legible for a long time, offering the same durability as badge holders but with a sleeker look. When choosing a name tag, simply select this option and then check out.  We'll add this protective coating to your name tags. 

Professional and Long Lasting Name Tags

While traditional badge holders have had their day, it’s time to embrace more efficient, cost-effective, and stylish solutions. Name Tag Pros is at the forefront of this shift, offering state-of-the-art alternatives like Photo ID Name Tags, Reusable Window Name Tags, and Clear Epoxy Scratch-Resistant Coating. Make the switch today and modernize your company's approach to employee identification.

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