Four Creative Conference Name Tag Ideas

There are many elements that go into planning a successful conference. With all the details you have to account for, it can get a bit tricky. You do your best to set your meeting apart and create a unique experience for attendees. One way to make your event attendee-friendly is to be creative with your name tag design. You’ll have to think outside the “Hello. My Name Is…” box. Having bad name tags might not make or break a conference. But having creative name badges will encourage networking and help make the event more memorable. Here are a few creative conference name tag ideas.

Consider Using Magnetic Name Badges

It can be frustrating to have a conference name tag ruin your clothes. Cheap stick-on name tags leave a sticky residue on shirts. Pinned name badges are an inexpensive alternative, but they can poke holes in clothing. Magnetic name tags are an excellent way to ensure name tags stay on attendees without causing damage to their clothing. 

Use Custom Colors Based on Your Industry

One of the biggest benefits of conferences and businesses events is networking. You want to make it as easy as possible for attendees to connect and name tags are an essential part. If your conference is hosting a wide range of industries, think about using different colored name tags for each sector. This helps individuals find those they want to talk to and connect with. If you don’t host a number of sectors, choose colors that best represent the industry you are in. 

Consider Sustainable Conference Name Badges

Sustainable options like wood name tags can be a bit more expensive, but you can demonstrate to attendees that you are thoughtful about the environment. Using sustainable name tag materials helps alleviate wastefulness. Creating wood name tags offers a natural, beautiful look. 

Add a Little Bling

Depending on the specific industry, adding a little bling to your name tags may add the perfect touch. You can get as fancy as you want with the design. Bling name badges can dazzle your attendees and certainly make your conference memorable. Metal bling name tags are durable, and the frames can be gold or silver. 

Let Name Tag Pros Help with Your Conference Name Tags

If you are planning a conference or event, let Name Tag Pros help you design name tags that will stand out. We have a number of designs to choose from and can help you come up with a stunning design with a perfect color combination. Our name badges are made of high-quality materials. We also make the ordering process as easy and hassle-free as possible. You can call us at 888-754—8337 to place your order. You may also order online using our convenient online form. Let Name Tag Pros help you make your conference a memorable one!

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