Four Types of Name Badge Backings and Their Uses

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the perfect name tag for your use. Sometimes we can get all caught up in choosing the fun stuff like colors, shapes, fancy fonts, and designs. But we forget about the functional part – name tag backings. While the backing may not have an aesthetic value or effect, it holds the name badge in place. This is essential for how it is displayed to customers and other business professionals. Let’s take a few minutes to discover the different types of name badge backings and their uses.

Magnetic Name Tag Backings

The magnetic backing has quickly become the most popular option because it attaches securely to clothing without causing damage. This backing is difficult to beat! They work well on any type of clothing from fast food restaurant uniforms to business suits and silk blouses. The magnets do all the work without needing to poke holes in clothing. 

Bulldog Clip Name Badge Backings

The bulldog clip comes in two varieties. The swivel clip and the mylar clip. The mylar-style clip is perfect for photo ID name badges. The vinyl cover is easy to attach, and the clip won’t damage your clothing. The swivel clips are designed with a little spring that secures name tags in place. The swivel clip can hold a photo ID, but it also works well with traditional plastic or metal name tags. Both bulldog clips are a great choice economically.

Clutch Style Name Tag Backing

This military clutch-style name tag backing includes a bar with two posts. The back of the bar is attached to the back of a name tag using a high-powered adhesive. Two metal pinch clutches fit on the posts to attach the name tag to your clothing and hold the name tag in place. This is a traditional style name tag backing and they have been popular for many years. The downside to this style of attachment is that they will poke holes in clothing. They are suitable for fast food restaurant uniforms and other less formal settings. But they are not suitable for business suits and nicer clothing. 

The Lanyard Option

 A lanyard is not a name tag backing, but they are often used with ID badges and clear badge holders. Lanyards allow badges to be hung around the neck. They are a great alternative option for pins and clips that can damage clothing. Lanyards are easy to put on and easy to remove. They are ideal for conferences and schools. Either style of bulldog clip attaches easily to a lanyard.

Let Name Tag Pros Help With Name Badge Backings

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to name badge backings. There are unique advantages for each style. Just like choosing and designing your name tag, choosing the backing is up to what works best in your specific setting. At Name Tag Pros, we can help you decide which name tag backing is best for the name tag design you prefer as well as where and how it is to be worn. Call us today at 888-754-8337 to learn what hassle-free ordering really means!

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