How Custom Name Tags Made the Difference at A Popular Restaurant

What’s in a name tag? Maybe hope for the future and a sense of community. That’s what one restaurant owner found out anyway. Aren’t name tags just for names? Yes. And no. What if you pushed the limits just a little bit? What if you stretched your imagination beyond what you’re comfortable with? One restaurant owner in Castle Rock, Colorado did just that and found out he could get a lot more than he bargained for from restaurant name tags.

Where Name Tag Creativity Started

In 2017, Joe Weber, the manager at a fast-food restaurant enjoyed wearing his alumni pin from OSU. So many people commented on his pin, he started thinking about attention-getting strategies. He had an idea for team member name tags. So, he started putting each team member’s future career goals and interests on their name tags. The company name badges stayed true to the company logo and design, but underneath each crew member’s name were their future goals. As guests came in to order their food, their curiosity was piqued. Jessica was more than a server she was a future nurse. Jeremy was preparing fast food today, but he is a future airman. Interestingly enough, the name tags began to generate conversations and community connections. 

Small Change – Big Impact

It seemed like a small change to add a phrase to each team member’s name badge. But once Joe realized how it sparked creativity and community, every team member received a customized name badge on their first day of work. Now, Joe looks at his team members as future actors, police officers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, pilots, mechanics, and even future business owners like himself. The customized name tags helped guests slow down and think about the person serving them. They were no longer just an hourly fast-food worker, but they had ambitions and were working toward future goals. 

Another big impact of this change occurred among team members. They were more welcoming of one another and found it easier to connect.  There was more of a family atmosphere among staff members. It also changed the way Joe recruited and hired new talent for his business. He felt he was playing a role in helping them achieve their future goals. 

Skills Development and OJT

As part of the restaurant experience, team members receive training, coaching, and lots of opportunities to help them develop a number of skills. They learn how to work as a team, communicate, develop leadership skills, provide services, responsibility, and stewardship. Joe found he was offering more than a job. He was providing value to his team members. 

The Name Tag Connection

The custom name tags helped the staff create genuine connections between themselves, with restaurant leaders, and with guests. As a result, deeper relationships were fostered as they discussed dreams and goals. And the best thing of all? They were all helping each other grow into the best version of themselves. So, what’s in a name tag? A whole lot!

Need Custom Name Tags?

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