How Name Tags Encourage a Culture of Respect in the Workplace

No matter what your industry from food service to offices there should be a culture of respect. Culture is the achievements, social institutions, customs, and arts related to a specific group of people. Respect is feeling and expressing admiration for someone. Putting those together to create a culture of respect in your business will increase and improve morale. Employees, leaders, and volunteers are all deserving of respect and when people, in general, feel respected, they tend to perform better.

How do you create respect?

Businesses cannot grow without some level of respect. Think of companies you’ve declined doing business with because you had a poor experience or didn’t get the quality of care or service you felt you deserved. Sometimes in restaurants, servers have a bad day and don’t provide customers the attention – and respect they deserve. It can happen anywhere. Respect is about honoring others because they are a person, a living human being, no matter what the setting. Respecting customers and clients help create return customers.

What do name tags have to do with respect?

Can name tags really help develop a culture of respect? Sometimes, something as simple as a uniform or a name tag helps breed respect for someone who is just doing their job. Uniforms help influence respect and a name tag is an essential part of a uniform. The elements included on business name tags help the customer and worker be more courteous and respectful to one another.

Your Company Logo on Name Tags

Whether you are providing company name tags for employees, or you are wearing a full-color logo name tag to a trade show or event, the logo is associated with your organization. As those who wear the name tags show respect to others, they will purposefully try to remember your logo and brand name. Showing respect makes your brand more memorable because of the pleasant experiences.

Names on Name Badges

On a business or event name badge, the person’s name will stand out most. It helps customers or trade show visitors identify those associated with your company by their names. Being able to address others by name helps build a quick rapport and makes developing a working relationship easier. A visible name makes a person more approachable and builds trust.

Adding a Person’s Title to an Event or Business Name Tag

A title can help foster a business relationship. Titles can vary from CEO to cashier, and anything in between. Sales, marketing, designer, or management titles help employees, customers, and other clientele understand what type of service or answers they can expect from the individual. When customers get answers, they measure this as a level of respect being received from the company.

Creating Respect in the Workplace

Building a culture of respect in the workplace comes from how employers treat their employees. Customers can easily discern whether a boss treats employees with respect or not. When employees are not respected by those over them, the employee is less likely to treat customers with respect. Customers, in the long run, will not tend to respect the organization or business.

How does your business or organization define the culture of respect?

Respect is a two-way street. If individuals miss respect for others, eventually the culture can shift to lacking respect. Developing and maintaining a culture of respect isn’t difficult. It starts by recognizing everyone deserves respect from your customers to your employees, the management staff, and yourself as the business owner.


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