How to Avoid the Top Five Name Tag Mistakes

Name tags are important for the workplace and events. They demonstrate your level of professionalism and help instigate networking. Name badges help with introductions so it’s quicker and easier to build a rapport and a relationship. But if your name tag has one of these mistakes, it can work against you instead of for you. You can avoid mistakes like these by letting Name Tag Pros help you create your next work or event name tag.

Mistake 1: Font That Is Too Small Or Unclear

The golden rule for name tags is that the font needs to be clear and large enough to see easily. Generally, it should be readable from between 10 to 15 feet away. If the font is too small to be seen easily, or if it is so fancy it’s difficult to make out, it will not have the impact name tags are designed for.

Mistake 2: Too Much Content

While a name badge helps with branding efforts, too much information can crowd the space and render them ineffective. One of the key points of name badge etiquette is for them to be simple. Avoid too many words or pictures. A well-placed full-color logo is eye-catching and draws attention to make your brand more recognizable. But too much color or other images can take away from the appearance.

Mistake 3: Not Enough Information

It’s very important to not cram too much information on a name tag. But you don’t want to go too far in the other direction and fail to provide the information that needs to be on a name badge. The exact information will depend on whether you are hosting an event or identifying personnel. Keep the name tags uncluttered by placing just the important details on your name badges.

Mistake 4: Typos or Glaring Errors

This is not common, but you want to make sure to avoid obvious mistakes on your name badges. Double-check all of your information to ensure it is correct before approving the design. Make sure all the information you send to Name Tag Pros is spelled and spaced correctly. The event or business name needs to be spelled correctly as well as each person’s name and/or position.

Mistake 5: Excessive Use of Colors

Adding color to name badges, using full-color logos, or choosing colored name tags is a huge plus and a powerful tool in name tag design. But it can also be one of the biggest mistakes. A little bit of color should be infused across the name tag without overdoing it. Except for using a logo, you only want to use a color or two. If you include too many colors, it can take away from the accents as well as make the name tag more difficult to read.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

You can avoid all these mistakes by ordering your name tags from Name Tag Pros. We’ll make sure your high-quality name tags meet or exceed your highest expectations and that they are free from errors or common mistakes such as these. Our professional-grade name badges are designed around your purpose. Contact us today to learn just how easy getting a great-looking, functional name tag can be! We are here to help you! Call us at 888-754-8337 to learn how we can help YOU!

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