How to Create Event Name Tags Attendees will Love!

Why do most people attend events? Most of the time it is to gain from some level of networking. They enjoy coming together with like-minded people and gathering with those who share common interests. There are three main things to be gained by event attendees: connections with people, content, and the experience. Event name tags can provide crucial information that helps build connections. Or you can totally blow the opportunity by trying to cram too much stuff on them. 

Basics of Event Name Badges

Let’s talk about the basics of event name tags. They should be very simple to create. Trying to load them with tons of information can cause them to be overcrowded and sub-par despite your best efforts. Here are the three features event name tags need to include:

Make the Attendee’s Name Large

The attendee’s name is of the utmost importance as it’s the element most likely to encourage connecting or networking.  Make the name as large as possible.

Name Goes at the Top

Placing the attendee’s name at the top gives it preeminence. While you want your logo included, it should be to one side, but the name should be at the top where it is clearly and easily visible.  

Keep it Simple

Name tags are used to allow attendees into events. Someone monitoring an entrance should be able to easily scan the event name tags. Security personnel should be able to scan crowds coming in the doors and be able to tell from a distance who belongs and who doesn’t.

What Else Goes on Event Name Tags?

Now it’s time to think about what other elements you may want to be included on your name badges. What is truly important to attendees? What is the objective of each element? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about event name tags.

What size should the name badge be?

The standard name badge size is 4x3 inches. But there are plenty of options that are a bit smaller and a bit larger. You can also order custom-shaped and custom-sized name badges. Unless you have a specific reason to order larger name badges go with a standard size. 

What size font should be used on an event name tag?

Names on name tags should be visible from six to eight feet away. The size of the font will depend on the width of the name badge. It should be large enough to be legible, and small enough to be aesthetic. There should be no more than three lines on a name badge. The name can be on two lines with a third line used for other relevant information like a job title, company name, brand, etc.

Can I put other information on the name badge?

It’s a good idea to include your company logo. A full-color logo is usually placed on the right side of the attendee’s name. You may want to add security information or an event banner to the name tag. These should be small and at the bottom where they are noticeable, but not distracting.

What style of name badge is best for events?

Choosing a name badge style is partly a matter of taste. You want attendees to be comfortable with name badge placement. It’s also important that name tags be tasteful and informative. Here are a few options.

  • Hanging Name Badge with Lanyard – This style of name tag holds a lot of information. However, attendees may end up staring at each other’s waists. 
  • Pin Backing – This standard name tag has set the standard for many years. They are easily placed, attractive, and comfortable to wear.
  • Magnetic Backing – Today, this is the preferred choice since they look more professional, without damaging clothing.
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