How to Design Magnetic Name Badges for Employees

When a customer or client walks into your business, the first person they see is likely one of your employees. You can use magnetic name badges for employees to help brand your business. Because name tags are such powerful influencers, it’s important to design employee name badges right.  You want to leverage them for all they are worth! Let’s look at a few tips for designing magnetic name badges for employees.

Don’t Forget the Company Logo on Employee Name Badges

When creating and designing magnetic name badges for employees, don’t forget to include your company logo. It is usually placed across the top or on the right side of the name tag. You can play with it a little bit to decide which location makes your logo stand out more. Remember that it identifies your employee as part of your company and it’s an important part of marketing your brand consistently. 

Choose an Engraving Style for Magnetic Name Badges

Full-color employee name badges are eye-catching and rememberable. You want the name tag to draw attention. It’s an inexpensive way to create familiarity with your brand and company. Logos can be created in any color and on different name badge styles. You can place your full-color logo on plastic or metal name tags, or custom-shaped name badges. If you want an economical choice that is flexible, use one of our reusable name tag designs and incorporate your logo.

Choose From a Pin or Magnetic Name Tag Backing

Sometimes choosing the right backing for employee name badges is difficult. Answering these two questions can be helpful in helping you with the choice:

  • What types of activities will employees be doing while wearing their name badges?
  • What types of clothing will they be wearing while at work?

If you are in the fast-food or hospitality industries and your employee’s name badges will be worn on company-issued uniforms, pin backings are a great choice. Pins hold name badges secure while employees are working over hot grills or changing bed sheets in hotel rooms. If your employees are office workers, front desk workers, or secretaries, they will likely be wearing more formal attire. Magnetic name tags are the way to go. 

Decide if you Want Names and Titles on Magnetic Name Tags for Employees

The employee’s name is second in importance only to your company logo. You’ll want to select a font that is easy to read. The fond should be complementary to your brand. Of course, a neutral color like black always works for the name portion. Or you can choose a color found in your company’s logo. Titles are also useful information for name badges to contain. They are beneficial when someone is being directed through your company or organization. Job titles should be short and concise, but they also need to be descriptive. To keep the name badge aesthetically appealing, titles are usually a smaller font centered just below the employee’s name. 

Let Name Tag Pros Help You With Your Design

Name tags are what we do! We are eager to help you design the perfect professional name badges for employees. Our process is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Our name tags can be laser engraved or UV LED printed to provide you with vibrant full-color graphics. We have name tags for most industries and offer custom-shaped name badges to compliment your establishment. Call us today at 1-888-754-8337 to get started!

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