How to use Reusable Visitor Name Badges to Improve Security in the Workplace

  Now that workspaces and offices are opening back up, visitors are increasing. Day-to-day business continues and you probably have clients returning to your workplace. Do you know who has visited your office space over the last month? How about last week? Just today? For those visitors, do you know why they were there? If someone came into your facility who wasn’t supposed to be there, would you be aware of it? Would your employees or coworkers know they were there?

 Visitor Name Badges Enhance Safety and Security for Employees

 Of course, you don’t want to incite fear in employees, but you also don’t want to allow unauthorized, potentially dangerous people to wander through your premises either. It’s just too easy to identify legitimate visitors by using visitor name tags. Think about a few questions like:

 · If a visitor comes into your office building, would office personnel be able to identify them immediately as a legitimate visitor or a potential threat?

 · If a visitor is discovered in an unauthorized area, would they be able to verify their identity and explain why they were in that area?

 ·  Is your receptionist able to identify every individual that comes into your workplace or office? (That is if you have a dedicated receptionist.) 

 If you cannot say “yes” to all of these questions, you may have a workplace safety issue that is easily resolved. It’s as simple as establishing an office-wide policy to identify visitors and one that includes requiring visitors to wear name badges. 

 Ensure Proper Etiquette and Increase Professionalism 

 It’s happened to everyone, but especially busy professionals. Someone walks into your office, they may be a current client, a former client, a potential client, a partner, or someone you met last week at a business event. You go blank and cannot remember their name. It’s totally understandable, but not very professional. 

 But if your visitor was given a name badge at check-in, and your receptionist gives them a reusable name tag, your professional image remains intact. Name tags also help when you host a gathering or in-office event. They help total strangers connect quickly and encourage networking. 

 Types of Visitor Name Badges

 You have a lot of choices when it comes to designing visitor name tags. If you need name tags for small settings like schools, worksites, or a simple company event, a basic “visitor” name badge works great. The visitor’s name is not necessary. However, if you have a large office complex or high-rise building, you may want to opt for a reusable name tag that has your company logo and allows you to change the visitor’s name. 

 Let Us Help! 

Visitor name tags have multiple purposes and advantages. If you are not sure what type of name badge you’d like to use, call us at 888-754-8337 to discuss your options. We can help you design a professional-looking name badge with or without your logo or brand. Whether you want a standard visitor name tag or a reusable style, we can help you find exactly what will work for your business setting. Let us help! 

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