Personal Branding with Name Badges for Insurance Agents and Brokers

The insurance industry can be highly competitive. As an insurance agent or broker, acquiring new leads involves some serious strategizing so you can stay ahead of competitors. This often means you need to think outside the box. Of course, you are working in a very practical industry, but you can still be creative when it comes to branding and reaching clients. Here are a few ways professional name tags can help you build your business. 

 Refresh Your professional Image 

 You have complete and full control over your professional image. This makes it a great opportunity for reinventing it and refreshing it now and then. Sometimes, all that is needed to grab people’s attention is to make sure your branding is consistent and current. Each fiscal year is a great time to reassess your image. Think about these aspects: 

 ·   If you own and operate your own agency, consider your business name.

 ·   Make sure your logo continues to represent your brand and hasn’t become outdated.

 ·   Consider all your marketing materials, both internal and external including everything from business cards to name tags.

 ·   Reconsider your signage including office or agency signage, billboards, and physical ads you’ve purchased the past year.

 The audit of your brand or image should answer these two important questions: 

 1. Does all of your branding reflect your values as an insurance agency owner, broker, or agent? 

 2. Is your branding consistent across all channels? 

 Get Involved in the Insurance Industry Community 

 When you become involved in your industry community, you get your name and face in front of a lot more people. It makes it easier to network with other insurance agencies. You never know when you may be able to secure a referral if they have a client they feel they can’t meet their needs. Get involved in the insurance community by: 

 ·   Attending Conferences and Events: Attending regional events lets you meet and connect with insurance agencies and professionals in your immediate area. This means more networking opportunities.

 ·   Host Event Tables: Volunteering at insurance job fairs or setting up a booth at a summer street festival can help get your name and brand out there. 

 ·   Use Your Voice: If you are comfortable with public speaking there are opportunities at industry events. 

 ·   Social Working: If you are an independent agent, you can spend time in public workspaces. You can also work in coworking areas. These can provide excellent opportunities for building professional relationships.

 As a bonus, wear your professional name badge. They can help break the ice and are great conversation starters. 

 Partner With Local Businesses 

 There is a gold mine of connections in your local business district. Get out and build relationships with like-minded businesses. They may mean more referrals later. One example if you sell rental insurance, is visiting with a local property management company. Trading business cards can be great for both parties. You can advertise each other’s events using branded swag. You can both benefit from additional exposure. 

 Wear Your Professional Name Badge 

 Think about how many people you see in the course of one day. Grabbing coffee in the morning, picking up a gyro at lunch, and snagging a few groceries on your way home in the evening can all be opportunities for meeting potential clients.  Think about ordering a premium name tag that features your brand and your tagline. You may find it starts more conversations with strangers who may turn into clients.   

 Get Your Name Tag

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