The Face of Live Events Is Changing – Name Tags Remain!

In most regions across the US, live events have begun again. While we were away due to the pandemic, a lot of changes have been made to the registration processes, name tag pickup, and space design to allow for social distancing. While most are happy live events are resuming, a lot of adjustments are still to be made.

The Importance of Live Events

The events industry took a huge hit with COVID-19 shutdowns. But as they make a reappearance in a post-pandemic world, it’s opened up a whole new world of innovation and creativity that may have been missed 60% of event professionals said they hadn’t considered or implemented virtual events prior to COVID-19. While most proceeded to figuring out virtual events, there were still some things lacking. 

  • Virtual events just can't match live engagement.
  • some professionals do not see real "value" in virtual events.
  • Networking is more difficult at virtual events as conversations are nearly impossible.
  • For many event organizers, virtual events are not able to meet the organizer's goals.

Virtual events will continue to have their place as the world moves forward. And there are some benefits to meeting virtually. But there is just no way to replace the engagement and excitement of an in-person event. Thankfully, live events are back and many of them are including virtual options. But the face of events is changing as organizers and planners make changes so that attendees feel safe and protected. 

5 New Trends in Live Events

Hybrid Events Will Continue

A hybrid event combines in-person engagement and offers virtual options as well. Most organizers will continue offering a virtual version of their events along with in-person gatherings. One thing event organizers learned through the pandemic was how virtual events could expand their reach. 

Contact-less Check-in Arrangements

The registration area is usually the first thing a guest encounters. Seeing colleagues, peers, or friends causes them to immediately forget all about social distancing. Having a large check-in area allows guests to social distance. Event bags and name tags can be laid out in an organized manner so that they can be retrieved without human contact. When possible, registration materials and name badges may be distributed via mail prior to the event.

On-Site Temperature Checks or Rapid Testing

Because of the magnitude of the pandemic, many events may choose to take extra health precautions. Having on-site temperature checks and rapid testing will probably become the norm for in-person events. This helps prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 among the attendees. In some regions, this may be mandated. Having these precautions in place can make the difference in whether some people are comfortable attending in-person events.

Limiting In-Person Attendees

Even though restrictions are lifting in most regions, many event organizers may continue limiting the number of attendees. Having a specified number of in-person attendees makes it easier to arrange and allows for social distancing. 

Distribution of PPE Essentials

Along with spacing out the venue to allow for social distancing, many organizers may choose to assemble small PPE kits. Some may pre-mail the kits to attendees before the event, or they may be placed in a common area where attendees can pick them up as they work through the contact-less registration process. PPE kits may include masks, hand sanitizer, and nitrile gloves.

Get the Name Tag Right!

Name tags will continue to play a huge role in in-person events. Let the professionals at Name Tag Pros help you create an unforgettable business event name badge for your attendees. Research has shown that event name tags offer huge benefits when it comes to networking and connecting – even while social distancing. Check out our hassle-free ordering process today by calling 1-888-754-8337.

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