The Importance of Staff Name Badges in Social Distanced Restaurants

Many businesses are trying to stay up and running during the pandemic. The food industry is no different and in many areas, restaurant owners are taking extreme measures to ensure they can continue to provide services to their communities. One way they are working on keeping their businesses alive is by promoting social distancing. This makes name tags more important than ever.

Staff members are all going above and beyond to help customers feel safe in their eating establishments. They are also trying to make the transition as comfortable and easy as possible. Patrons are more likely to leave tips for helpful servers who help them navigate through the discomfort of changing to a socially distanced eating establishment. Name badges help patrons and staff connect quicker and build a quick sense of trust and rapport.

5 Ways Restaurants are Encouraging Social Distancing

Social Distancing Signs

Sometimes people just need a small reminder to keep six feet of distance between them. Patrons who are standing in line waiting for seating can effortlessly stand in designated areas marked by signage. For restaurants, this can be footprints marked with “Stand Here” imprinted around the image. These and other types of signs can be placed anywhere in a restaurant where customers may tend to gather. Signs outside the entrance or near the register can provide reminders that help reinforce the message.

Directional Arrows for Smooth Traffic Flow

In a restaurant, promoting social distancing can be difficult with the steady flow of people coming and going. Staff and customers can cross paths easily. A staff member can help direct the flow of traffic to keep individuals from coming too close to each other. Of course, you’d want staff members providing this type of service to be easily recognizable by patrons. Name tags with their name and position, such as host or hostess would be helpful in this situation. You may also use directional arrows along the floor or walls to help direct one-way traffic.

Removing Self-Service Stations

Restaurants are either taking away self-service stations or having a staff member in charge of operating these areas. The goal is to prevent overcrowding in specific areas. Condiment bars and drink stations are often areas where patrons tend to congregate. In some eating establishments, removing these stations is just not feasible. In these situations, an easily identifiable staff member can assist customers with their needs to help promote social distancing.

Spaced Out Tables

Restaurants need to maximize revenue and often try to place as many tables into any given area as is possible. This can make social distancing difficult. During the pandemic, it’s been recommended to place tables six feet apart to help provide diners with plenty of distance while eating. Tables can be removed when possible. If it’s not possible, tables can be blocked off.

Encourage Making Reservations

With restaurants needing to focus on serving patrons while maintaining social distancing, many are now requiring reservations. This helps prevent the establishment from being overwhelmed with groups of people all showing up at the same time. And it promotes social distancing. Many restaurants have adopted a reservation management software program to help control the flow of people coming through the restaurant at any given time.


Make Staff Easy to Identify with Name Tags

With everything in the foodservice industry being a bit chaotic, you can help put your patrons at ease by making staff members and their positions clearly visible on restaurant name tags. This can avoid a lot of confusion especially in areas such as a drink or condiment station where people are not used to being helped. Name tags can bear your establishment’s logo, the staff member’s name, and their position.

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