Veterinary Name Badges and Uniform Tips

For animal lovers, working in a veterinary office is a dream come true. Although it’s a rewarding and enjoyable job, it can also be very dirty. Sometimes it is difficult to get the staff to understand the importance of uniform essentials like veterinary name badges. But with the growth of the pet consumer market, pet parents expect a personal and professional atmosphere from veterinary staff. A uniform for office staff can set your practice apart. Your veterinary name tags and uniforms can benefit your office and customers. Choosing a full-color logo name tag or a custom-shaped name badge and can also be beneficial for marketing and branding efforts.  Here are a few tips to help you choose veterinary office uniforms. 

 5 Tips for Veterinary Uniforms and Name Tags

 Invest in Scrubs that Include Your Logo 

 There are lots of different styles of scrubs you can provide for your staff. Scrubs are loose-fitting, comfortable, and don’t restrict a person’s mobility. Providing your staff members with one or two sets of branded scrubs will give your office a uniform, professional look. 

 Provide Staff with Name Badges 

 Medical professionals are required to name badges, but there is no requirement for veterinary practices. However, it is a good practice to equip your staff with name tags, so they are easily identified by patrons. Name tags offer businesses in any industry plenty of benefits

 Grooming Aprons 

 It can be super messy working with animals all day long. If your office cares for larger animals, consider providing coveralls for your work staff. For staff who work with smaller, domesticated animals, grooming aprons are suitable. Coveralls or grooming aprons help protect uniforms and keep them as clean as possible. 

 Appropriate Footwear 

 Footwear is an important consideration in the veterinary office. If you provide care for larger animals, it becomes a matter of safety. Footwear needs to be comfortable, durable, and safe. Ensure your staff is equipped with the proper footwear to do their job correctly and safely. 

 Button-Down or Polo-Style Shirts

 In some offices, polo shirts or button-down shirts are suitable and preferred over scrubs. Whether your office chooses button-down shirts or polo shirts, put your logo on them. This helps with branding and gives them a unified, cohesive look. Button-down and polo shirts can help provide your veterinary office with a clean, upscale, professional look and feel. 

 Veterinarian White Lab Coats 

 Many vets like to wear a white lab coat over scrubs when they are not performing a surgical procedure. It’s pretty easy to distinguish who the veterinarian is when they are wearing a white lab coat. Just remember to put your name badge on the coat. You may also consider having your practice’s logo on lab coats as well. 

 Get Your Veterinary Name Tags! 

 Let Name Tag Pros help you outfit your staff with professional-looking name badges. We offer a wide variety of design options including full-color logo name badges and custom-shaped name tags. You can design your own unique name tag to set your veterinary practice apart. Call us today at 1-888-754-8337 and find out how easy our ordering process is!.

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