Which Type of Name Badge Fits Your Company’s Needs?

Name badges are part of your company’s branding efforts. They may be small in size, but they can make a huge impact on brand recognition. If you are looking at name badges for the first time, you may notice there are several types and styles to choose from. Let’s take a look at the various types of name badges, their benefits, and which style fits different settings.

Why Choose Full-Color Name Badges?

The full-color name tag is one of our most popular products. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You’ll also have the option of plastic or metal construction. There are different types of backings for full-color name tags. You can choose a magnetic backing or a pin closure. These are some of the most durable options for the work environment.  

What businesses should order full-color name tags?

Full-color name badges are ideal for businesses and organizations that want to keep brand colors and logos intact. They help maintain and build brand recognition by keeping your logo and colors consistent.

Why Choose Engraved Name Tags? 

Engraved name badges and two-color customization provides a lot of creative flexibility. You can choose a minimalistic design, so they are simple but classy. These name badges are affordable for any budget, and they have a long-lasting durable design that doesn’t rub off over time. 

What businesses should order engraved name badges?

Engraved name badges are a great option for almost any company. Their affordability makes them ideal for small business owners and businesses operating on a tight budget.

Why Choose Premium Name Tags?

When you order premium name badges, you make every client interaction memorable. You can choose a unique design that fits your business’ image. Premium designs are an excellent choice for executive-level staff. You’ll have plenty of specialty options like shapes, rhinestones, or other bling to choose from. 

What businesses should order premium name badges?

Premium, fancy name tags are an exceptional choice for high-level professionals and executives. Fancy badges feature beveled edges, heavier materials, and high-end designs. These are an excellent choice for businesses who want a little above and beyond.

Why Choose Custom-Shaped Name Badges?

Custom-shaped name tags can be made into virtually any shape. Businesses who want to step up their branding efforts and create a memorable name tag that stands out to their clientele choose custom-shaped name tags. At Name Tag Pros, we can customize the shape of the name tag and imprint your unique full-color design on it to make it unique.

What businesses order custom-shaped name tags?

Any business can benefit from a custom-shaped name tag. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • House-shaped name tags for real estate professionals
  • Paw Print for veterinarians
  • Tooth-shaped design for dental professionals
  • Football, basketball, or sports-themed shapes for sports bars

Why Choose Photo ID Name Tags?

Photo ID badges are beneficial for areas that need increased security. They include high-quality full-color photos and logos. A photo ID badge is easy to identify at a glance and from a distance. They are easily ordered by uploading names and photos. 

What businesses choose photo ID name badges?

Photo name tags are ideal for companies that require more security. Schools, hospitals, and other establishments that handle sensitive information benefit from using photo IDs to identify their staff.

Why Choose Reusable Name Badges?

Reusable name tags easily wipe clean. This can save businesses from re-buying name badges frequently. Like other name tag styles, they can be customized with your logo, brand, and colors. Choices include a chalkboard, dry-erase, or window style name tag.

What businesses choose reusable name tags?

If a business needs to provide temporary identification, a reusable name tag is an affordable option. They are also great for establishments that see a high rate of employee turnover. 

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