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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Business Name Tags

Magnetic name tags have supplanted the pin backed name tags in popularity during the past few years. This type name tag have several advantages as well as disadvantages that people should be aware of when shopping for name tags.

The most outstanding advantage of the magnetic name tag is the ability to wear the tag without punching a hole in your clothing. For years people have been butchering their garments by piercing the surface not once – but twice – to attach their name tag. Well those days are over with the advent of the magnetic fastener. This type fastener is composed of two parts. The first is a small steel bar that is affixed to the surface of the badge. The second part of the attachment is a bar with the magnets attached. Most magnetic bars have 3 magnets but even the bars with 2 magnets provide substantial holding power. The name tag is attached by placing the magnetic piece behind their clothing and placing the printed badge on the outside. The magnetic attraction holds the badge in place – all without a single hole. The magnetic backing is strong enough to hold through most sports coats and standard sweaters as well as shirts and blouses.

magnetic company name tags

There are a few disadvantages of magnetic backed name tags but they do not outweigh the advantage of not damaging your clothing. The first is that this type fastener is not recommended for people with pacemakers. The magnet may have an adverse affect of the mechanical devise. The second disadvantage is that the magnetic backing is $1 more per tag. We consider this a small price to pay to not destroy your clothing. And last but not least the backing is a two piece product, and people do tend to lose the magnet. However reordering just the magnet is not a problem and are relatively inexpensive.

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So even though the magnetic backings have a few disadvantages, the advantage of not damaging your clothing makes this type of name tag the best choice.