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Advantages of reusable name tags

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Advantages Of Reusable Name Tags For Businesses With A High Turnover

Many companies use name tags for their employees.  With the recent downturn of the economy and high job turnover rates, some businesses have considered forgoing this basic necessity.  They think they cannot afford to keep paying for new name tags every time a new employee is hired.  Fortunately, with name tags that can be used over and over again, this constant replacement cost can be reduced.  In fact, the cost savings benefit is just one of the many advantages of reusable name tags.  Here are several other advantages.

No Waiting

Name tags that can be reused are much simpler to use than standard badges.  Because they are made in a fashion similar to sticker badges, an employee can simply write his or her name and title on the card.  When the employee leaves, the badge can be wiped clean and used again by the next employee.  This process requires no re-ordering.  A company can simply place one order and continually reuse those name tags time and time again


Another benefit of reusable name tags is that they can be personalized. Unlike premade tags, the employees can fill these badges out with any color of marker or use any text.  They can also add pictures or details to further personalize the tag.  This helps people at the workplace get to know each other better and it is particularly helpful in an environment where employee turnover is high.  This kind of name tag personalization can also help management get to know their staff better and could help increase employee morale, potentially reducing the turnover rate.  In addition, customers may appreciate the personalization, as they can more easily identify employees that they have a particular affinity for.

Social Responsibility

Making an effort to reuse their name tags allows a company to continue to develop their reputation for being socially responsible and friendly to the environment.  This effort can make them look more attractive as a company, and it might help them retain good employees and be a factor in encouraging new employees to have a desire to work for them.

Better Use Of Resources

When all is said and done, reusing name tags will save a company money.  If your company’s turnover is high, your associated employee costs are most likely high.  It costs more to train someone new than it does to keep someone on who already knows the job functions.  Therefore, when you reuse some of your resources, such as reusable name tags, you are saving yourself money that can be better used in other areas.


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