The Anatomy of a Name Tag

Who hasn’t experienced those moments where you know a person you’ve met before at work or an event, but you just can’t remember their name? It’s one of the most embarrassing moments a person can have. This proves a well-known point. Little details are important after all. While the wearer’s name is the most important element in most cases, the design is what makes it stand out as it should. So what does the anatomy of an effective name tag include? Let’s take a look.

Type of Name Badge

When we use the term “name badge” we are talking about anything but those sticker “Hello My Name Is…” name tags. The only time they are acceptable is if an event is informal and will only last a couple of hours. Other than that, they are tacky and unprofessional. They disappear when clothes are changed, and they cannot be transferred to new garments for the next day’s meetings. 

Other name badges provide a professional look no matter what the style. There are plastic engraved name tags, metal name badges, and ID name tags worn with a lanyard. The style of badge for your workplace or event will depend on the culture you want to communicate. 

Name Badge Size and Shape

The most common shape for name badges is rectangular. But that is definitely not the only choice! You can order rectangular name tags in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of information you want to include or based on aesthetics. Oval name badges are a popular shape. If you have a specific shape in mind, you can order a custom shape. Basically, you can have any type of name badge you want whether you go with a traditional size and shape or have something creative you designed.

Name Badge Contents

Name tags are highly customizable, meaning you can put any relevant information you want to include. There are a few items you’ll want to consider based on the name tag style and its purpose. Here are some ideas:

  • Name: You may include the first and last name or just the first name of the wearer. 
  • Affiliation: The organization or company being represented. You may want to include a company logo. 
  •  Role or Title: In some cases, having a person’s official title or role helps when connecting at events. It is also useful information for work name badges as customers can identify those who can help them more quickly. 
  • Pronouns: Keep your name tags current and improve communication by including pronouns.

Types of Badges

There are several options when it comes to the wearing style of name badges. Backings and attachments are an important part of the anatomy of a name tag. Here are the choices to consider:

  • Pin Backing. The pin backing is the traditional way to attach name tags to clothing. They are secure and the only negative is that they will poke holes in your clothing.
  • Magnetic Backing. The magnetic backing has become one of the most popular choices. They hold the name tag securely in place without damaging clothing. 
  • Clutch Backing. This name tag backing uses two stick pins behind clothing and helps hold the name tag in place.
  • Bull Dog Clip. There are two versions of this clip. One is used for photo ids badges. The other mounts flush to the name badge.
  • Lanyards. For events or workplaces that use photo ID badges, the lanyard is an essential element. They come in four different colors, so they easily match name tag designs.
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