Art Requirements & Guidelines

Set Up Fees<Add your artwork or logoFor all new orders there is a one time set up fee of $19. Reorders never incur a setup fee regardless of size.

Art requirements for all customers must provide a vector image of the logo or graphic that is to be printed on their name tags. Vector files come in a variety of formats with the most common being .ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf. If you have trouble with obtaining or understanding what these file types are please give us a call or email. We can take most graphics and turn them into the vector format; however there is a minimum art charge of $20.

Send Logo
To send us a logo or art file click the browse button below – locate the file on your computer and then press upload. If you have trouble with sending us a logo please gives us a call or email and someone will gladly help you.

Art files are one of two types;

  • Vector Designs – This is the preferred type file for printing. A vector file is graphics file where all the elements of the design, including text, artwork, backgrounds etc are all individual elements. This allows for easy editing of the design as well as color correcting for printing. Simply put, a vector design is a bunch of individual elements that can be separated. Vector designs tend to be cleaner and clearer than bitmap designs. Vector files are generally end in .ai,.eps or .pdf. However this type formatting does not guarantee that the file is a vector design. Most vector files unless in pdf formatting is not viewable on your computer without a graphics program.
  • Bitmap Designs – A bitmap design is graphics file that is composed of small squares called pixels. Bitmaps are files that are easily inserted and viewable in programs such as Word, Excel and Email documents. All images on Web sites are bitmap files. Bitmap files tend to have rougher edges, since the graphic is small squares instead of smooth lines, and are very difficult to color correct. All photographs are bitmap files. Generally a good bitmap file will have a file size of at least 200 DPI, anything below that resolution and conversion to the vector file format is difficult. Bitmap files generally end in .jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif.
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