Pin Backing

Pin BackingAll name tag products that we manufacture come with a standard pin backing. The pin sticks through your clothing and clips thereby affixing the badge to your clothes. The pin backing name tag attachment is quite secure and will provide many years of good service. The only down side to this type fastener is that the pin does punch a hole in your clothing.

Magnetic Backing

Magnetic BackingBy far the most popular badge finding in use today is the magnetic name tag attachment. This finding features a two part product with a metal bar which attaches to the badge, and a 3 button magnetic bar which is removable. The 3 button magnetic bar goes behind your clothing and attaches to the steel bar on the name tag through your clothing. The magnet is quite strong and holds the name tag securely in place. Our clients love the fact that you no longer have to punch holes in your clothes to attach your name tag.

Bull Dog Clip

Clip with strapThe bull dog clip comes in two versions. One version features a clip strap which is great for photo ids and another version that is a swivel clip which mounts flush to the badge.

Clutch Backing

Clutch Pin BackingThe clutch backing is an attachment that utilizes 2 stick pins and a clutches that slips over the pins behind your clothing to hold your badge in place.

LanyardBlack LanyardRed LanyardWhite Lanyard


Quite a few clients prefer to utilize a lanyard for their name tags. The badges conveniently are hung around the neck with our great looking breakaway lanyard straps. The lanyards are non-imprinted and available in 4 colors. The lanyard is 1/2 inch wide and 36 inches long.