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Best Supplier For Sorority Rush Name Tags

Hey those are some mighty big words! The “BEST SUPPLIER FOR SORORITY RUSH NAME TAGS” we can talk the talk but can we walk the walk???

Why I am glad you asked – just hide and watch while I explain myself.

I will be honest, anyone that produces name tags can produce a sorority name tag for recruitment. However there are some elements that make us “THE BEST SUPPLIER FOR SORORITY NAME TAGS”!!!sorority rush name tags (Yes I am shouting for emphasis)

Sorority Rush Name Tags

Number one all suppliers for name badges for sororities must be licensed by the Greek Licensing Organization. By shopping with licensed vendors you are assured that you will receive high quality produces with the appropriate logos and crest authorized by your National organization. Not a hard thing to do but specialist like us…ARE LICENSED. Be careful as most people are not – and you know why? The are not specialist…

Number two and the real killer that makes us – you guessed it – THE BEST SUPPLIER…. – is that we have 26 pages of sorority name tag designs. Plain and simple no one else goes to that length to provide individual pages for each sorority.

These pages show the standard styles of name tags that each sorority uses. So you don’t have to guess what a tag might look like with your sorority crest – you see it on the screen. Tri Delta Custom Name BadgeHowever is you do not see a design that you prefer, no worries, we will custom design something just for you. And…. we don’t charge extra for that.

And staying with my numbering system, number 3. Our pricing structure. Most chapters order a fairly large number of tags on their initial order.

To reward you for your loyalty, you will always receive the volume discount price for all future orders, regardless of quantity (and once again, no one else does this).And this will last as long as you keep ordering name badges – not just a one time thing.

Reorders are simple and easy (which is reason number four). All we need from your new recruitment chair is a listing of the girls names and titles. We will then insert the new information into the previous design and ship out the tags.

This allows for consistency from year to year. Plus not to mention the fact that simply sending a list of names is a super easy way to order name badges.

OK so I am tired of numbering so I am going to give you bullet points because I know you are getting tired of reading – so just take my word for it an order your sorority rush name tags! But here goes anyway.

  • Cutout shaped Greek letter name tags – no one else offers those.
  • Free proofs of every name tag – once again…
  • We bill your chapter …
  • Metal or plastic – same price
  • Any number of lines – any size – same price
  • Quite simply we try harder and specialize in sorority rush name tags – that is why we are better (and we are pretty nice to deal with)

So when you are ready to order call or email us – we will make ordering your name badges the easiest thing you do all day!