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Bling Metal Name Tags Not As Expensive As You Think

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oval-gold-bling-name-tagWhen you first see a bling name tag you may think that the cost is too high to afford. However this style badge is much more affordable than you think. Just $13.95 each.

Now if you look around the web I am sure you will find bling name tags that are more expensive than ours. We do not try to be cheaper than other companies we simply charge a price we feel is fair. Everyone must decide for themselves what is fair…so to each his own. Yes you can pay more for a name badge with rhinestones, but all the frames are made by the same supplier. So you are simply paying more for the same badge.


The bling metal name tags are simply a metal frame with rhinestones surrounding a metal name tag that is inserted into the frame. The badges are either a gold or a silver, and are available in a rectangle or oval shape. Unfortunately there are only 2 sizes so your design must fit a standard shape. Not to worry, we generally can adjust most art to fit the frame size and shape. The rectangle size is 1.5 inches by 3 inches and the oval frame is 1.5 inches by 2.75 inches, but no need to worry about that, we will design the layout for you. Now most clients chose a gold insert with a gold frame and likewise a silver insert with a silver frame.Silver Bling Metal Name TagHowever you may be as creative as you like. We can print most any color background on the metal to create a very unique looking badge. Or you may even add a gold plate to a silver framand visa versa… Hey you want to stand out, why not go crazy!

We finish the bling name tags with a magnetic backing so you do not have to worry about punching a hole through your nice shirt or blouse. The magnets are super strong and have fantastic holding strength. If you want a pin backing we can add that but I would not suggest using the pin.

So how do you order your bling metal name tag you ask? Well I am glad you did (lol). We keep everything, especially ordering your name tags, simple quick and easy. You may give us a call at (888)754-8337, or email us with your information. Yes we have an online order form but to be honest why not let us fill out all the forms for you… Adding logos are not a problem we simply need good art to work with. Did I mention that reorders are simple and easy as well? We keep all of your job information on file so a simple email or call with the new information and we will produce and ship your name tag to you.

Gold Metal Rectangle Bling Name Tag

So when you are ready to step out into the world of bling, just give us a call or email. Trust the name tag professionals at nametagpros.com