Why You Need Medical Office Name Tags

In some states, it is required for medical clinic personnel to wear name badges. Some require their credentials to be displayed on name tags as well.  In many healthcare settings, workers have ID badges to help heighten security. There is some logic behind issuing medical clinic staff name tags as well as other healthcare settings. […]

3 Benefits of Magnetic Name Tags and Badges

For those who do not understand their importance, choosing a name badge may seem like a small thing. At the same time, it can seem overwhelming trying to choose from different types. Having the right magnetic name tags for employees has more importance than you may realize. Choosing the wrong wording, style, or colors can […]

Four Benefits of Metal Name Tags for Business

Name tags are not a new topic for most businesses. They have been considered necessary to help identify staff and help them be more approachable by patrons. Over the years, name badges have changed a lot and the latest standards for most are metal name tags for businesses. Pinned-on versions still exist, but many are […]