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Buy Name Tags Online – sounds simple, see how we make it that way

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Buy name tags online, sounds like a simple proposition, but it’s not. Well at least not with most companies. And yes I am saying that nametagpros.com is better than the competition, but you already know that. (Well that is what I am supposed to say – I am biased) So lets take a look below on how most people go about purchasing name tags.

First you go to a name tag site looking to purchase a few simple name tags for your business. You have a few minutes, but do not want to take all afternoon to purchase the badges you need. Sorry, that ain’t happening. First you have to select which size tag you want, then what color, then what font, then input your text,what about your list of names, then what type of backing, now click the designer to see your tag…O.K. I am getting nauseous and my head hurts and I have way more important things to do.

Why not make your buying name tags online simple and easy?

Are you really supposed to know what type style looks best with your logo? Do you know the different styles of name tags that are available and fit your brand the best?  Of course not, you have a real job that does not include choosing and designing name tags. That’s our job, we are the professionals. Our number one job is to make your purchase of name tags the simplest thing you will do this year!

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So if you are ready I will show you how to order from nametagpros.com.

  1. Call us (888)754-8337 and talk to one of our staff. We love to hear from you. Don’t go to all the trouble to fill out the online form, we will fill all the information in for you. How refreshing – good old fashion service.
  2. After a decision has been reached on the style of name tag, we will ask you email us your logo and names. Once we have the logo and some basic information we will provide you with a variety of proofs to choose from, never just one design. We will tweak the design as much as needed to make you happy no matter how long it takes (but usually just one of two emails.)
  3. Once we have the basic design completed (so how much time have we saved you so far?) and approved, we will send you a proof of all the badges to insure that there are not any errors on the tags.
  4. During the back and forth emails of the proofs we will ask you for your address and enter the order into the system (note you do not have to enter all the various info – we do that, saving you more time) and send you a confirmation of the order.
  5. Once you have approved the final proof and approved the cost we will receive a credit card over the phone for payment.
  6. BOOM – your done, except for signing for the box when it arrives.

So I ask you…is our way the easiest – or all the other guys?

Trust the name tag professional who know a thing or two about service, 32 years in business, we must know how to make customers happy.