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Buy name tags from someone who cares

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Gamma Phi Beta New Shape Name Tag

Do you realize you have a choice? Do you realize that you “allow” companies to stay in business? We do…

Everyday it seems that I deal with employees of companies that have seemed to have forgotten that I – The customer – matter! If you don’t know what I mean go by your cell phone company and try to get waited on. Call your cable company, AT&T even your local bank… Press 1 for this 2 for that – all customer service representatives are busy, and my favorite…we are experiencing high call volume… really? How stupid do you think we are?By gosh if you can’t answer the phone because you are so busy maybe you need to hire more PEOPLE, and then you can deliver the precious service you speak so highly about!

What about when you email a company (because you can not find their stupid phone number on the website) because you have a problem, and you never hear back… The sad part is that they pay companies thousands of dollars to consult with them on how to retain customers and give good customer service, which does not work.

I know I am a dinosaur, but the good old days were called that for a reason. At nametagpros.com we have a vision on how customers are supposed to be treated.

For one thing we realize that you have a choice – and you allow us to stay in business. That is a blessing and we appreciate you. If you have a problem – we fix it. If you are in a rush – we take care of you, no extra charge. If you don’t really know what you want – we help you. Our job is to make ordering name tags the easiest thing you will do all day.

You see great customer service is not that hard, it’s the simple things that make people happy. Answering the phone in a friendly voice, returning emails timly, producing the orders quickly and when promised, and showing the customer that you genuinely care that they shop with you.

Life can be hard, and some people make it harder, we don’t. So the next time you need professional name tags give us a call -step back in time to the good old days – at nametagpros.com