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Buy Name Tags Online – Name Tag Pros

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Buy Name Tags Online – Name Tag Pros
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Wondering where to buy name tags? You want to place an order or need to ask someone a question, and all you can decode from their web site is – hey send us an email and if we feel like it we will get back with you in a few days. Or better yet, they hide their phone number on their site or make it so small that it is almost impossible to find. But yet they harp on how great their customer service is. Or what is really amazing is how much money they spend on research about how to give great customer service…but never do it.

We rest assured that at nametagpros.com we understand what great customer service is. You need to buy name tags and guess what – we need to sell them. We are truly blessed to have the business that we currently have, but we remember where we came from and we value each and every order (and always will)

If you call and are in a bind for name tags and need a rush job, no worries – WE NEVER CHARGE A RUSH FEE. You need something special produced? That’s our specialty, custom name tags in custom shapes and colors. I hear so many tells from clients about people that are not helpful, long production times, quality of printing and the list goes on an on. Name tags and badges are simple items and buying them should not be a hassle.

Are we perfect? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Are we human? Well some of us here are. But we understand how people like to be treated.

UTZ-Realestate-Name-TagMy theory is that if we make you happy you will buy from us again. I guess I could write a book about great customer service but a one page, one line book probably would not sell very good. People buy from people that they like – and we are good people(I like us alot)

So this is how we do things – and you know what? Our customers love it.

To order just give us a call or simple email. We fill out all the forms, we create all the designs, we send you a confirmation of your order and proofs of the tags before we ship. Simple, quick and easy.

And should there be a problem with your order, we fix it. No hassles. If we make you happy we get to stay in business, and I am too old to go find a real job.

So the next time you ask yourself where can I buy name tags, trust the professionals at nametagpros.com, we keep your life simple.